Fashion September 7th, 2016

3 Cozy Layering Tips For That Unpredictable Fall Weather

When I first started to experiment with the idea of layering, I was intimidated and found out that a good way to ease into it was to start small. Adding a scarf and jeans to a short summer dress or throwing a thin tee under a sleeveless sundress instantly transformed my look!

Once you're comfortable, it's easier to get more adventurous. For example, this one-of-a-kind Rachel Zoe Kimmi Pants would dazzle on a date night when paired under a mini dress, such as this Clayton Long Sleeve Amanda Dress below.

As we slough off the hot days of summer and step into the cooler days of fall, transitioning our wardrobes can be a struggle. The weather can be random and unpredictable, to say the least. Having diverse layers will add variety and keep you comfortable as temperatures decide to climb or take a dip. Furthermore, this allows you to add or remove them as necessary. Even though layering may seem daunting, once you understand a few basics, you’ll be dressing like a pro.

Here are three fall-friendly tips on how to layer like a seasoned fashionista!

1. Light Base Layers

One of the most important keys to layering is to keep the base layers light. If the sun is out more than usual or the office isn't as cold, this light layer will keep you cool after you take everything off.

If you prefer your fashion to be a bit more subtle, starting with a basic tank or top will make it easier to play with prints, colors or textures as you add more layers. This comfy V-neck tee by Alternative is a great start. You can make it work year-round, and it's perfect for a casual stroll around the park on both cool fall days and warm summer nights.

Want to style with bright colors that command attention? Beginning with this Double D Ranchwear Edwardo Tunic, you could create all kinds of fun opportunities. Pair with fitted dark denim and a chunky red scarf on your next girl’s night.

2. Functional Second Layers

To keep the layers functional, add things that will be easy to remove as the temperature changes throughout the day. A good second layer is a button-up shirt. Again, don't be afraid to play with variety as you add layers. Stay away from a multitude of chunky or similarly colored layers, which can create the illusion of too much bulk. No woman wants to look larger than they actually are!

Furthermore, this plaid long-sleeve Calvin Klein Jeans top would work as a great second layer while enjoying the sunset at a beach bonfire. Or you could opt for this Levi's Boyfriend Shirt. It's perfect for a game of two-hand touch football or getting lost in a corn maze with the kids.

3. Cute Final Layers

There are a number of items you can use to layer as you try to add warmth to your outfit. A cardigan, denim jacket or even a blazer would all look great here. Be the mom of the hour in this denim jacket while you carve pumpkins or sell items for a bake sale fundraiser!

Alternatively, you could add this chic blazer below if you're ready to wow at work while you finish those holiday deadlines. Finally, this colorful cardigan would be perfect to add on while hosting a potluck dinner.

As the weather gets cooler, feel free to add even warmer items, like a heavy coat, scarf or gloves. Remember, there’s no need to incorporate all of the layers from the previous guidelines. Pick and choose your layers based on the weather and the climate where you’ll be spending most of your time. The most important rule of fashion is to be comfortable and confident.

For even more in-depth advice on layering, fashion expert Rachel Zoe has an excellent video on the subject. As Rachel says, this video will help “show you a few easy ways, in five minutes or less, to layer some of your tried-and-true classics and maybe mix in some of the new things you're going to buy.”