Fashion & Footwear November 28th, 2016

Splash In Every Puddle With Western Chief Kids

Being an aunt is the best job in the world; you get to spoil kids rotten and then set them loose on their unsuspecting parents. The opportunity to shower them with gifts is endless. Because my family members reside in the wettest states in the country, rain coats and boots are a must. To keep those kiddos dry while encouraging their rainy day shenanigans, I’ve come to rely on Western Chief Kids.

From Florida to Washington, it’s tradition to grab your raincoat and boots when the clouds roll around. Since their founding in 1891, Western Chief Kids has been providing the quality coats, boots, and umbrellas that have helped me become the best aunt ever. Even better, each look is unique, allowing my nieces’ and nephews’ personalities to shine through.

Nothing looks more adorable than children wearing matching outfits. Be still my heart! Western Chief Kids gives you the opportunity to dress your little one in themed gear from head to toe. Western Chief Kids is a functional and fashionable company that has thought of everything. They helped my goofball niece dress up as the cutest bobtail cat around, while my imaginative nephew channeled Darth Vader from a galaxy far, far away.

Western Chief Kids’ unique flair and fearless protection from the elements makes it the perfect choice for every little one in your life. As for the little ones in my life, they know Aunt Nicole’s motto: When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in puddles!