Fashion & Footwear June 5th, 2017

Swimsuits That (Really!) Speak To Your Body Type

Swimsuit shopping is like getting your teeth pulled.

Except for the fact that you're not numb to the experience.

Ladies, let's face it: finding swimwear that's fashionable, but also hides your stretch marks, thunder thighs, gives the right amount of support and coverage, all while providing the illusion of a slim waist is not an easy task.

HOWEVER, that's not to say it can't be done.

Before I give you the 411, you should know this swim guide isn’t like anything you've seen before. Whether you're a pear shape or an hourglass figure, it doesn't matter. Rather, we'll get right to the heart of the issue by focusing on what many women consider to be problem areas, and then combat them with helpful, easy-to-implement style tips.

Are you ready to get your feet wet? OK! Let’s dive in.

Small Bust

For those of us who have the busts of Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson, you’ll want to go for swimsuit tops that have embellishments, bows or ruffles to give the impression that your uptown girls are larger than they actually are. For a little something extra, reach for patterned halter tops, bra tops and padded cups to create cleavage.

Big Bust

Support, support, support. I can’t say that enough when swimsuit shopping for a larger bust. Thick, adjustable straps, underwires and molded cups should all be on your swimsuit checklist. If you don’t want to draw attention to your upper half, then you’ll want to stay far, far away from ruffles, embellishments and string bikini tops. Opt for bra-sized swimsuits, rather than the standard small, medium and large sizes, for the right amount of support, lift and coverage.

Full Thighs

If you consider your thighs to be trouble zones, then you’ll want to look for bottoms that provide more coverage than typical bikini bottoms. Your new best friends are swim shorts and swim skirts.


Alright, for all you Kim Ks and Nicki Minajs, the goal is to find swimsuits that highlight your curves, but also give the right amount of support and coverage. This is easily done with color-blocked swimsuits, or boxy halter tops and high-waist bottoms. One-shoulder swimsuit tops are also great for creating balance. Plus, they highlight the neckline and the collarbone.

Short Torso

Short torso? No worries, you can elongate your midsection with swim pieces that lift your bust line and lower your hips. Look for low-rise bottoms and halter tops to draw attention away from your midsection.

The Easily Burned

Who says rashguards are only for surfers? If you resemble a lobster after just one hour in the sun, then the long-sleeve swim tops should be a staple in your offshore collection.

Big Bum

For the ladies who have been blessed with a fuller backside than the rest of us (ahem Beyoncé), finding a swimsuit that’s not too revealing can be a challenge. The trick is to find bottoms with enough fabric to keep you from constantly tugging for more coverage. You’ll want to avoid string bikinis and high-cut bottoms like the plague. Instead, go for fuller bottoms, tops that will balance your bottom half and designs with a solid bottom and a printed top.

Small Bum

If only all of us had that Beyoncé behind … sigh. Since not all of us are as fortunate, pick swimsuits with frills, ruching, bright colors and loud prints. All of which will play up and enhance your behind. The less coverage, the bigger your behind will look. Ditch those full-coverage bottoms for a smaller piece.

Broad Shoulders

Now, I’m not saying you’re built like a Chicago Bears linebacker, but if you’ve got shoulders like Dick Butkus, then you’re going to think one-shoulder swimsuits are the best things to be invented since sliced bread. Along with solid colored suits that have panel designs.

Big Hips

Hips don’t lie? Sorry Shakira, but they’re about to once I’ve slipped into my swimsuit. For hips on the wide side, you’ll want swim pieces that balance your proportions. Seek bottoms that fall below the largest part of your upper leg and tops that are eye-catching to call attention upwards. Be sure to avoid any boyshorts and thick-banned bottoms, as the extra fabric will only emphasize your hips.

Tummy Control

Tummy areas are probably the most common trouble zones. It seems like we’ve all got “Tina, the Talking Tummy.” Am I right? The good news is that it’s easy to smooth and slim your middle with shirring, peplums and swimsuits with a crossover pattern. Also, choose high-waist bottoms for extra coverage and a plunging neckline to keep the focus upwards.

With all that said, the key to finding the right swimsuit for your body is confidence. If you’re not comfortable in your swimsuit, then it’s probably not the right one. Just remember that there are no rules when it comes to picking the perfect swimsuit.

It’s your body, and it’s your choice to showcase it however you like.