Fashion & Footwear February 7th, 2017

Find Your Inner Wonder Woman With Self-Loving Intimates

Did you ever have a lucky pair of socks you wore for interviews? Maybe it was your lucky pen for big tests?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. For me, it was a hair tie. As a teen, I would panic if I didn’t have it with me. I was convinced that without it I wouldn’t be able to dig deep; I wouldn’t be good enough or strong enough. This notion of lucky charms goes back to my childhood.

It began when I was pretty young, maybe 4. I was fascinated with Wonder Woman. Sure, she was pretty and was a superhero, but little me was drawn in by the confidence and strength she exuded, even when her alter ego, Diana Prince, was a force to be reckoned with. How did she do it?

Little me decided that I needed to be her. I begged for Wonder Woman costumes, lunchboxes, shirts, shoes, pencils … you get the picture. When I had my Wonder Woman gear I could do anything; I was invincible!

Eventually, I realized that pinning my confidence, strength and ability to a thing is unnecessary. Like Diana Prince, I have to be my own Wonder Woman.

Becoming your own source of strength is easier said than done. But, don’t worry! You can do it. Some days you feel like you can conquer the world and others you might need a little boost. The question is how do you give yourself a boost without pulling out that ragged hair tie or tattered cape?

I’ve graduated on to some grown-up boosts that work just as well. Wearing something that makes me feel strong, beautiful, put-together or confident can help me Wonder-Woman the day. Don’t worry; it doesn’t matter whether you need to be dressed to the nines or you’re just trying to get through a busy day in sweats, you can harness your inner-comic-book-badass too!

My current obsession is Hanky Panky and Wacoal intimates. Trust me, knowing that you have a sassy matched set on like the Hanky Panky Sweetheart Mesh and Sweetheart Mesh Boyshort can be enough to remind you that the day will come together. When you’re struggling to get your laundry finished and dinner cooked before it’s time to eat, that secret weapon will give you the extra push you need. You were organized before coffee this morning, so you will totally get it together before the table is set. You’ve got this!

Nervous for your big presentation today? Check out the classic Hanky Panky Signature Lace Retro Thong. Maybe even pair it with the Wacoal Lace Affair Contour Bra (you won’t believe the comfort!) Don’t love a contoured bra or hate underwire? No worries, the Wacoal Lace Affair Underwire Bra and Lace Affair Soft Cup Bra are there to support you. Any option you choose, with their classic cuts and lace details, these intimates are comfortable and, though invisible to others, will be there to remind you that you are amazing and you will “WOW!” your audience; especially yourself.

Don’t have a special occasion to shop for? That’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with wearing something special for you. We deserve to wear clothing that feels great, instills confidence and lets us shine our beauty to the world.

So take it from me. You can do better than that old scrunchie. Find something that makes you feel like your best self. We can win the day with an undercover reminder that we are Wonder Woman. Now let’s go out, share our love and live our confidence! No cape required.