Fashion & Footwear March 4th, 2019

How Mighty Well Is Turning Sickness Into Strength


After a seven-year battle with chronic neurological Lyme disease, Emily Levy was treated with a PICC line.

With a tube connecting from her arm to her heart, the then-college student was advised by her homecare nurse to conceal it with a sock. Rather than hiding the medical device, she self-consciously thought it brought even more attention to it.

Levy became “obsessed” with finding a fashionable solution to covering the PICC line, and designed the PICCPerfect® PICC line protector, a sleek, stretchy sleeve that keeps tubes in place and out of sight. Realizing the need for products like this, she cofounded Mighty Well with the goal to develop stylish attire for those who want to be seen as a person, not a patient.

Mighty Well is part of the Zappos Adaptive line, a collection of functional and fashionable products that make life easier. Watch the video above to hear more of Levy’s inspiring story!


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