Fashion & Footwear June 12th, 2017

Knot Again: Ditch The Tie For These Father's Day Gifts

It's estimated 96% of all dads will be gifted one of these three items this Father's Day:

1.) A striped tie
2.) A grooming kit
3.) A less-than-appealing watch

Although the presents above are a nice gesture, these shopping decisions tell Dad that he’s just any run-of-the-mill kind of guy. And that’s certainly not the case.

For the athletically inclined fathers out there, why not surprise him with something that embodies more of who he is? Perhaps something from adidas. After all, the brand has been part of the world of sports and fashion for more than 80 years, delivering state-of-the-art athletic gear for people everywhere, including dads.

Whether your dad is a runner, golfer or gym rat, gift him an adidas bag he’ll most definitely enjoy. Just don’t forget to fill it with a few extras to keep him motivated!

A Running Start

Does your dad run circles around those half his age? If so, he needs a bag that can also keep up with his demands. Introducing the Defender II, this large duffel is the ideal tagalong for his Saturday morning runs at the Y or high school track. Its spacious main compartment is perfect for carrying all of his running gear, and the wet/dry shoe tunnel is an attentive feature most other bags lack.


Surprise him with these running-related products inside:

Bag, Set, Match

So maybe your dad’s not the next Raphael Nodal or Novak Djokovic, but he’s still an ace in your book. This Father’s Day, give his tennis game an advantage with the Sport ID Duffel. Robustly designed with an abundance of room, this bag also has ventilated compartments that stow stinky shoes and sweaty clothing. Furthermore, its adjustable, removable shoulder straps make it a cinch to carry between the court and clubhouse.


Surprise him with these tennis-related products inside:


Outdoor Guru

For the father that enjoys the sights and sounds of nature, the Studio II Backpack is an A-plus pick. Whether he finds his escape trekking along a wooded trail or camping out with the boys, this is one bag any outdoorsman can appreciate. The pack is designed with a roomy main compartment that can carry his go-to essentials, as well as two side slip pockets for easily accessible water bottles.


Surprise him with these outdoor-related products inside:

Fore-Gone Conclusion

Just because your dad already has a golf bag that holds his clubs, balls and tees, doesn’t mean he’s not in need of another — albeit significantly smaller. Queue the Diablo Small Duffel. This stylish bag is perfect for toting around the essentials, such as a pair of clubhouse tennies, or an extra outfit in case 18 holes turns into 36. Needless to say, this bag is above par.


Surprise him with these golf-related products inside:

Lean, Mean Machine

Just because he is a dad doesn’t mean he’s obligated to have a #DadBod. To help feed his newfound love for working out, the ID Duffel once again reigns supreme for a fitness bag. Whether he’s into yoga, CrossFit or spin, this exceptional design is made to go the distance. Just don’t be surprised if this bag puts him over the top as the most rad dad in the locker room.


Surprise him with these gym-related products inside: