Fashion & Footwear November 28th, 2016

Holly Gnarly Gift Guide: Rideshop

After years of skating in empty parking lots and plazas, it’s been awe-inspiring to see how much skater culture has retained its roots of going against the grain while becoming immersed in modern culture. From the days of skating in abandoned locations throughout Venice Beach and Santa Monica during the 1970s, the movement has thrived and become part of everyday society. When you want style without sacrificing quality, you turn to skater gear to keep you fresh and functional.

Created by skateboarders, for skateboarders, Lakai wanted to bring quality products to their sport. As someone who destroyed a few pairs of shoes herself while learning to kickflip, I know finding a pair of skating shoes that possess durability and flair can be a challenge. Lakai’s iconic designs put me at ease when I tried on shoes like the Griffin. Crafted from durable leather suede with a minimalist vibe, I could wear these shoes going out for a quick bite and then tackling those skating sessions afterward.

Within the skateboarding community, counterculture is a cornerstone. HUF has infused the rebellious spirit of skaters everywhere into every piece of clothing they create; they make the most out of every moment and idea. When you’re looking to sport a pair of zany socks that look like the greatest candy of all time or need a snapback to keep your style fresh, HUF has got you covered from head to toe.

With the holidays around the corner, there’s always room for extra swag that skaters need. With a lifestyle that requires dedication to your craft, you always need more socks, hats and shoes. Every year, my brothers get underwear. Boring, plain underwear that provides no comfort. Instead of giving your family members sad undergarments, try SAXX. With hilarious printed boxers to get you into the holiday season that includes technology to keep you comfortable, you can’t go wrong.

Round out the gifting extravaganza with a taste of the beach. When chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, the long days spent in the surf and sun are forgotten. TAVIK will bring a taste of the ocean to your wardrobe all year long. Their military-inspired jackets will keep you and your friends warm as the temperature starts to drop.

Step outside of the box of conformity and turn to skate clothing companies. If you’re looking for a unique shirt or some shoes that won’t break after one wear (unless you have an epic bail), look no further. Once you get a taste, you won’t go back.