Fashion & Footwear June 21st, 2017

Are You Ready For Go Skateboarding Day?

For some, Go Skateboarding Day is a bit redundant.

Similar to Breathe Air Day or Stare At Your Phone Day, there’s some things that people will continue to do with little persuasion or reminding.

For the diehards, skateboarding is an everyday occurrence that's a part of their DNA. From scoping out new skate spots across town to grinding neighborhood curbs, no time is wasted when connecting with your board and perfecting your craft.

But let’s face it; you can’t be on your board all the time; you’ve got to account for hours spent at school, work, sleeping, eating, zoning out in front of the television, etc.

Perhaps you’ve got big-time responsibilities, and you only have a couple of hours a week to dedicate to your favorite pastime. But it’s OK, your chance to get reacquainted with skateboarding starts today!

Since 2004, June 21 is officially named Go Skateboarding Day, a holiday to embrace skateboarding and the positive impact it has on youth culture the world over.

June 21 is also the official start of summer, making it the perfect day to put your phone on silent and roll with your squad to the local skate park, demo or contest.

Zappos Rideshop has you covered to kick off the skate season in style, keeping you outfitted in the industry's top brands. Stay laced up and ready to cruise with the laid-back Cali vibes of Vans low-tops or slip-ons, or prepare for a more serious shred session with help from Nike SB, adidas Skateboarding and DC.

No matter what style skate shoe you’re repping these days, from minimalist to technical, it’s all about a cool look and a grippy sole to keep you going strong.

When you’re not riding around, keep your hands free and stow your gear in durable backpacks from Dakine.

There’s nothing worse than getting the hook up from a local contest and not having anywhere to stash the goods! From class to the skate park, there’s plenty of room for your books and extra wheels, bearings, tools and other necessities. After all, no mission is complete without the proper supplies.

So, don’t forget to check out your local skate park today and go skate!

Pay homage to the action sport that has been so influential and inspired so many to do their thing. Whether it’s an all-day event or just an hour of cruising around with your friends, have fun with it and be safe!

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