Fashion & Footwear November 22nd, 2016

Behind The Photo Shoot: Burton x L.A.M.B.'s Third Collection

Everywhere you look, it’s granite.

We’re standing in the world’s largest “deep hole” granite quarry — the Rock of Ages — shooting for our third Burton x L.A.M.B. collection. The symbolism of this spot is no mistake. The name of this place references the permanent quality of granite, and this whole town, Graniteville, thrives on the stone. After years of keeping the quarry in the back of our minds, we finally have the right collection to shoot here. Granite is forever, just like the attitude, style and straight grit embodied by women who wear L.A.M.B.

The collection came to fruition after a stop by Gwen Stefani's house. Working with the rock queen herself, we bounced ideas back and forth, tapping our global perspectives and interest in diverse collaborations. What we landed on was a vibe of organized chaos. Some pieces are influenced by the Japanese interpretation of American trends, and others by mid-‘90s hip-hop culture. Altogether, the collection manifested these inspirations into denim looks, solid gold fabric and plenty of DIY patches and pins. The quarry, with its dramatic angles and speckled granite, provides the perfect backdrop for this year's Burton x L.A.M.B. collection.

To shoot a collection like this is to carefully extend the designer’s vision. The situation we’re putting Burton x L.A.M.B. in is either going to amplify the message these pieces are trying to get across on their own, or introduce something new altogether. Ideally, we’re doing a little bit of both.

A local miner nicknamed Mule joins us on set for the day and jumps in a few of the shots. His OG Vermont style really shines when he’s showing us how he swings a pick axe. Before we leave, we’re throwing strikes down Rock of Ages’ solid granite bowling lane. We have a great crew and it’s fun to be on set today, despite the sun coming in hot and heating up the stone.

Like this gigantic rock interrupting Vermont’s landscape, the aesthetic of Burton x L.A.M.B. has always been disruptive. Drastically different than everything else you see during winter, each piece speaks for itself. Fierce and edgy — but fun — and always laced with punk rock, this is the bold street style of Gwen Stefani backed by Burton’s top-shelf outerwear technology. Maybe you’ve seen past collections on the mountain by now? If you have, you’ve noticed.

Like No Doubt in the ‘90s, Burton x L.A.M.B. won’t be pigeonholed to a geographic location, narrow demographic or specific profile. It certainly won’t be forgotten about in a few seasons. In the digital age of ever-shortening attention spans, Burton x L.A.M.B. is an always-original legacy that leaves a lasting impression.

Burton x L.A.M.B. is just one of the many collaborations this season. The Burton Coalition taps into the creative forces of brands that carry the same attitude, influence and dedication to progression. It’s about a collaborative spirit of creating new takes on instant classics.