Fashion & Footwear May 15th, 2018

One For You, One For A Special Olympics Athlete

Strength. Stamina. Assembly.

Running isn’t just an activity; it’s a way of life that goes beyond positive health.

For everyday athletes, running is a form of meditation and escapism. But just as important, running builds communities of strength who race together for a cause, who cheer each other on, and who find common ground amongst friends.

That’s why Brooks and Zappos are partnering together to support all women of varying shapes, sizes and abilities to feel the power of the run.

From just-starting-out joggers to marathon runners and everyone in between, female athletes should feel secure and confident as they move. For each mile, each route and each race she conquers, we believe wearing the right apparel is paramount to her success.

Beginning May 15 thru May 30, when you participate in the Brooks x Zappos Buy-One-Give-One campaign, you’re equipping a Special Olympics Washington athlete to reach her full potential.

Additionally, you’re helping her take pride in her achievements and participate in events that foster support through friends, family and spectators. These women will accomplish things they never thought possible, gain confidence in their abilities, and join a community of other inspiring athletes.

With the purchase of one Brooks sports bra, you can make one woman’s dreams come true.

Now that’s the true “power of run.”

Join our community. Choose your bra.

Whether you’re a beginning walker/jogger, steady-paced runner or an interval sprinter, a Brooks sports bra will provide you with the support to hit your stride.

Styles with adjustable back and shoulder straps help you customize your fit so you stay in place, while shaped cups provide coverage and keeps the “girls” where they belong. For intense sweat sessions, pick a sports bra made with moisture-wicking fabric and mesh panels for ultimate breathability.

Together, let’s support the female athletes of Special Olympics Washington!

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