Everyday Living November 21st, 2016

5 Empowering Podcasts You Should Give A Listen

Recently I found myself feeling lost and uninspired at work. All motivation and self-worth seemed to dissipate as weeks rolled into months. Looking for inspiration, I decided to bury my face in a few self-help books, which did help, but I realized that the information was only minimal. It just wasn’t resonating for the long haul. It quickly donned on me that reading page after page may not be my best option. Maybe I needed to open up my ears, not my eyes.

So, I grabbed my phone and began to search for recommended podcasts. Over the course of a few hours, I found hundreds of feeds that could help motivate, empower and reinvigorate my life.

In recent years, podcasts have taken their platform and sent it into overdrive. There are hundreds of thousands of channels available, ranging from entrepreneurial business and finance to tech, Sci-Fi and everything else. However, finding the right ones that best suit your interests can be slightly difficult. To get you started, here are five podcast channels that I believe to be beneficial for my workday.

The Art Of Charm

What I find most interesting about The Art of Charm is that it pushes social interaction, as well as improving yourself in business. The intent of the podcast is to teach listeners to become more charismatic and confident. I don’t view myself as shy by any means; however, the way we communicate is one of the most impactful tools we have in our work environment. Any help on improving should always be considered.

I listened to an episode that truly impacted me. It was on the importance of gratitude. What made it motivating is it explained that we lose meaning in the emotion. Essentially telling us to practice gratitude. Not simply by saying “Thank you,” or noting things you’re grateful for, but taking the time to genuinely feel that gratitude. I realized that I’m constantly saying, “Thank you” but it’s more or less habitual rather than genuine.

Most of us are raised with gratitude as a typical response at an early age. But somehow we lose the value after the repetition. I’ve now started to focus on genuine gratitude, and the outcome is extraordinary. I don’t just respond towards my appreciation, I drive it. I will say things like “I appreciate you,” and, “I’m elated that you decided to help.” Being an example of gratitude helps those around you to be grateful as well.

Back To Work

We can get a man to the moon, but having a reliable office printer is asking way too much.

The frustrations of technology are common ground for almost everyone. Back to Work varies in topics but encompasses the latest trends in software, technology and sciences. The dry, quirky sense of humor and banter they have make their hour-long chats fun and interesting.

Making buying decisions, dealing with unsolicited email, preventing stupid from sticking to you (so hard sometimes!) and finding systems that may or may not work are just a pinch of topics discussed on their channel.

Since I’m exposed to some form of technology every day, I like to stay in-tune with the industry as much as possible. Back to Work allows me to be educated and modernized with the latest products to hit the market. It also briefs me of the frustrations others are having. I just want a working printer. Is it so much to ask?

Stuff You Should Know

Have you ever been asked for advice on a particular project or decision? How did you come to your conclusion? If you think about it, you’ll realize that you based that choice on past experiences, knowledge and nostalgia. I like to view nostalgia and advice as a pairing. It’s hard to give authentic advice if you just pull the information from thin air.

Now, Stuff You Should Know is not necessarily a “business” related podcast, but I’ve found it valuable. We can learn new things and utilize key takeaways to help us make more educated decisions, and plan more accurately. Alexander Hamilton, animal testing, the history of steam technology and even the importance of jellyfish have been discussed in their feed. Cultivating knowledge is a great asset for communication and relationships.

Beyond The To Do List

Take a tour of your computer desktop, files and folders. If you’re happy with the way it looks (folders are correctly labeled, organized and orderly) good job! You’re part of a very small minority of the population. Now, if you’re anything like me, I like my life to have structure and organization, but I have a hard time applying it. Beyond The To Do List will help you achieve a fluid lifestyle by discussing organization and planning techniques. This podcast is more than just a “how-to” guide; it has helped me be more self-aware.


I’m so happy I found this one. It’s completely different than the rest of this list. Instead of just having a discussion or lecture about various topics, StartUp is set up almost like a reality show. Think of it as a radio version of “The Office.” The first season dives into what it’s like to get a business started … a real business (Gimlet Media, a podcast network). Following the success of the first season, they are now on their fourth. With confessionals you would likely see on “The Real World,” and drama that you would see on “The Office,” this show is very entertaining. But don’t be fooled; there are lessons to be learned throughout the podcast as they take on real problems and obstacles.

I think that I like it so much due to the similarities I experience in my workday. Itis good to hear that there are certain obstacles we encounter in a real life setting that can be shared amongst other people. This podcast has almost become a form of a security blanket for me. If I’m having a bad day, I just plug in and listen to another person have a bad day. We relate, and it’s comforting.

Thanks to these five podcasts, I’ve found new motivation and inspiration within the workplace, and you can too! With most of the episodes lasting only an hour, your morning and evening commute can be filled with game changing discussions that can add real value to your life. So what are you waiting for? Give podcasts a try!