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Do More With Less: 6 Perks Of A Simple Closet

Modern life can be a chaotic world full of choice.

From department stores with racks of merchandise to every brand and product known to man at the click of a button online, we have more options than ever. Although this has advantages and can open up many possibilities, it also makes life more stressful.

A minimalist wardrobe offers the chance to streamline one part of our lives. In fact, many CEOs and leaders embrace minimalist wardrobes. Steve Jobs’ black mock-turtleneck, Barack Obama’s dark suits and Warren Buffets’ red tie are just a few examples of the high-powered embracing the benefits of a streamlined closet.

If you’re looking to cut through the clutter and chaos to embracing a simpler wardrobe, Project 333 has the tools and motivation that you need to step away from disorder and streamline your closet.

But first, here are some reasons to have a minimalist wardrobe.


1. You’ll actually like what you wear

No more looking at pictures of yourself and wondering, what was I thinking?! When you eliminate the nonsense in your closet, there will be less overly trendy and dated clothes. Only the tried and true pieces that you know and love should remain. By reducing to your favorites means no more buyer’s remorse. You know what you like and what looks good on you: give yourself permission to stop buying anything you do not love!

2. You get a better sense of your style

Likewise, cutting through the clutter means getting to know your style. A minimal wardrobe with the basics is chic and a hallmark of the famously stylish — the French. Having fewer clothes means not going out to buy something because it looks good on someone else. Instead, you only keep and buy the pieces you like on you. This gives you the chance to develop your own style and a sense of what you want instead of what everyone else is doing.

3. It's better for the world

The average American throws away 82 pounds of clothes a year. This adds up to 11 million tons of waste by the United States alone, with some pieces of clothing taking up to 40 years to fully decompose. But donating your unused shirts, pants and shoes to the nearest thrift store isn't the best option, either. Many garments get bundled and sent off to developing countries for a profit and can destroy their economy. While you're streamlining your clothes, consider using Zappos’ Soles4Souls program. Your donations will be used to help those living in emerging nations start and sustain their own small businesses.

Note: Zappos also carries 21 brands that are a part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Consider purchasing from these environmentally conscious brands to help make a better world!

4. You have more options

Ironically, having fewer clothes allows you to mix and match them easier. Being able to see your entire closet will enable you to create a more conscious decision about your outfit, as opposed to simply grabbing the first item in your closet. This will add more variety and creativity to your clothes.

5. You can afford better clothes

The common mantra of the minimalist is to buy better, not more. When you stop wasting $30 every week on low quality, fast-fashion items, for example, you can spend $100 every month on a beautiful shirt you’ll love and wear. Higher quality items last longer, which means you won’t need to be replacing them regularly. In fact, even with buying more expensive clothes, you still often end up saving money!


6. It improves your well-being

On top of the perks of having a minimalist wardrobe, there are also ways that it helps your well-being, such as:

Less decision fatigue

Decision fatigue is the concept that you can only make so many decisions, whether big or little, in a day. This is a reason why CEOs and other leaders choose to have a set uniform. By streamlining their small, everyday choices, they can concentrate on larger and more important ones. You may not be running a corporation, but you could benefit from streamlining your closet and focus on your important decisions for the day.

More creativity

On the other hand, it also gives you the freedom to be more playful with your clothing choices. If you get bored with the same outfit every day, you can challenge yourself to mix it up differently rather than running out to buy something new. This creativity and problem-solving mindset is an excellent approach to life and learning to make do with what you have.

Less clutter and more peace of mind

The disruption of clutter is a slow process. We often do not realize how much clutter is in our lives until we decide to simplify. There’s a peace of mind that comes from losing the mess and instituting a modest closet. Marie Kondo has built an extensive following because she has led so many to see the incredible peace that comes with simplicity. Likewise, a minimal wardrobe means a more serene life. Learn the KonMari method here.

Feeling more comfortable with your body

Clothes are made to fit the person, not the other way around. Instead of holding on to clothes that don’t fit and feeling terrible for it, get rid of them! Make your clothes work for you and only keep the ones that make you feel your best. Only buy clothes that you like on yourself, and you’ll have far more confidence, which is always sexy.

More free time

It’s easy to lose track of time when looking for something to wear. A simplified closet means less debate weekday mornings or weekends out. Because when you own clothes that work for you, you can spend more time on what you want to do instead of standing in front of your closet feeling overwhelmed.

Decluttering your closet and getting rid of the clothes you don’t need can seem like an intimidating idea at first. These overwhelming reasons, though, make the effort more than worth it. In fact, you may find yourself addicted to the feeling a minimalist wardrobe gives you. Give it a test run and find out for yourself!

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