Everyday Living October 24th, 2017

Mix Halloween Into Your Workday With These Wicked Fun Ideas

October brings one of the most popular holidays in the country: Halloween.

But since we’re not graced with having it declared a Federal Holiday, most years we find ourselves plugging away and grinding at work. That shouldn’t dampen our spirits, however. Bring Halloween to the office with these fun and creative ideas.

Pumpkin Spice Party

During the fall, grocery stores are invaded with a massive amount of pumpkin-flavored novelties. From the original coffee concoctions to cookies, candies, cereals and cocktails, everything seems to have the added fall flavor. Why not treat your coworkers to the pumpkin feast they deserve? Get creative and go wild and out.

Pumpkin can be very universal, so live a little and make a fun and festive dish. I'm sure even after the delicious feast, you’ll still be asking for more pumpkin spice lattes at your favorite coffee joint.

Secret Scare

We’ve all heard of Secret Santa in the workplace. Each person secretly gifts another person, and everyone involved tries to figure out who had who. Why not change it up a bit and start a new tradition? Privately place Halloween-themed gifts on someone's desk. From fall decorations and goodies to even your favorite scary movie. If you have the office clown, toss in a spooktacular prank or two. This will bring some extra fun and laughs while waiting for those white elephant gifting days to come around.

Trick Or Treat

Put an hour aside and create a trick or treat route in the office and have everyone go to the different departments, desks or conference rooms. Hand out candy, prizes, snacks or even adult beverages (if the company allows) to have an amazing day of nostalgia.

Costume Contest

The best part of Halloween is that we can dress up and become anything, or anyone, we want. Why not expand on this and have a costume contest at work? Deck out a fun trophy so that way the winner can flaunt their prize the entire year.

Haunted House

If you have people in the office who are scaredy cats as I am, haunted houses are no joking matter. But for many others, a good startle is much fun! Spend some time after work hours creating spooky walkways, conference rooms and offices with your fellow ghosts. Your coworkers will have a blast with the change of scenery.

Halloween is a great holiday to bring out our youth. From games, haunted houses, food, candy and dress up, we can all find something that will make the day fang-tastic!