Everyday Living May 23rd, 2017

4 Ingenious Ways To Store Your Accessories

In a recent inventorying of a friend’s closet, I noticed some similarities between the two of us, as well as more than half of the human population.

She has a lot of STUFF.

In fact, people are in love with their STUFF. And people are not inclined to part with their STUFF … unless someone intervenes and helps them through the emotional process.

My friend was smart to call in the troops (yours truly) to help her de-clutter her closet. Fortunately for her, de-cluttering is my favorite pastime — at least when it comes to bedrooms other than my own.

On this day, it was all about tossing, donating and organizing clothing accessories. Scarves. Jewelry. Belts. Hair thingamabobs.

Once we narrowed the items she was keeping, it was time to give those surviving articles a home. And not just any old home, either. But a clever space where they can safely wait for their easy and quick retrieval. (Yes, ease of retrieval is the goal for all this hard work; the just reward.)

To my way of thinking, organized storage saves you time as you search for your items; and organized storage saves you money when you avoid purchasing duplicates.

If you’re having trouble keeping your STUFF in order, here’s four ways how you can cleverly create new space for all those accessories!

The Space

First, to get creative with storing STUFF, we must figure out what type of available space we’re working with. Countertops? Walls? Doors? Drawers? Inside cabinet doors? Under the sink? Closets?

As space changes, your storage needs immediately change as well. Therefore, prepare ahead of time how permanent or temporary you want your project to be. For instance, if renting, you’ll want to avoid building certain wall fixtures unless they can be easily removed. Perhaps opt for drawer organizers or freestanding gadgets instead!

The Theme

Secondly, go all out and pick a theme. Of course, this isn’t necessary, especially if one’s budget doesn’t allow for it, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. Usually, the theme is based on one’s passion. You’d be surprised at how much having a theme to look forward to drives you to get in the mood to de-clutter. Here are some examples:

• Love antique tea cups? Glue them to a wooden plaque and voilá! Impressive storage to a “tea.”

• Are you a shoe kind of gal? Outdated shoes that are still in good shape can help you “step” up your organizing game when it comes to keeping track of rings and broaches.

• A seamstress can make good use of empty spools of thread when looking for ways to keep track of “sew” many chain necklaces or hair ribbons.

• Who knew rocks and pebbles could help you organize? Use them to keep your necklaces, bracelets and scarves only a “stones” throw away.

The Build

Have fun with the creative process. Whether you follow the thousands of examples on Pinterest and Etsy, two of my favorite places to gather DIY ideas, or you go at it alone, let your personality shine through! It’s yours, so who’s to say what the right or wrong way to do it is?

Set aside time to scour the thrift stores for hidden treasures and the hobby-type stores for all the tools and extras you need. Sometimes, doing this simultaneously while going through all the mounds of clutter in your closet and drawers helps you decide what to toss and what to keep.

However, bear in mind, the goal is to ultimately throw more than you keep; otherwise, you’re just shifting useless STUFF around.

The Finished Result

Lastly, marvel at your success. Pat yourself on the back. Just like my friend (who, by the way, went with an eclectic-type theme with her organizing units), you have managed to turn a much-dreaded chore into a pleasurable event! You have converted dull or unused space into conversational pieces! Most importantly, you have done what half of mankind is not able to do.

You, my friend, have conquered STUFF.


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