Everyday Living October 31st, 2016

Need A Last-Minute Halloween Costume? Be A Snapchat Filter

The line between culture and fashion is a thin one, and this was particularly evident at New York Fashion Week where Desigual and MAC partnered to bring all our dreams to life: walking Snapchat filters.

The 2017 fashion line walked the runway with models decked out in everyone’s Snapchat favorites. Filters that made appearances were the dog, the butterfly and the bee.

This show gave us some serious #HalloweenGoals! So, we set out to recreate these looks and give you all the tips and tricks, so you have the most recognizable costume at your party with the least difficulty.

Makeup artist extraordinaire and Zappos fashion merchandiser, Jordan, has all of the crazy makeup skills needed for this task! We set her up with a MAC makeup kit, just like the one used at the Desigual Fashion Show and invited Ivy and Da’Shanti from our Zappos Customer Loyalty Team to come and try on some early Halloween looks.

The Dog

Here's how we did it!

1.) Jordan started by making a soft upside down heart around the nose with a medium brown cream. She then filled in the heart with a yellow, leaving the tip of the nose bare. “Yellow is the key for the middle,” Jordan said. “I tried other colors, and they just weren’t as close to the actual Snapchat filter.” She then used a dark brown to cover the tip of the nose. Don’t forget to get your nostrils!

2.) “Be sure to powder,” warns Jordan. “That is what will keep your look lasting all night without smudging.” This was undoubtedly model Ivy’s favorite part.

3.) For more texture, Jordan then got out her regular powder eyeshadows. She used a highlight on the tip of the nose and up the bridge. “Make it look cute and wet!” She told us. She then used brown eyeshadow to lightly blend the yellow and medium brown.

4.) Lastly, Jordan added details. With the dark brown cream, she added tiny freckles on top of the yellow makeup. For definition, she then used a small angled brush to outline both the upside down heart and the tip of the nose.

The Deer

Here's how we did it!

1.) Jordan started with a strong Bambi eye, using a black cream. She made a strong, thick line along the top eyelash, and then two bold wings curling up toward the eyebrow. Her strong angled brush made her Bambi eyes clean and straight.

2.) A mix of yellow and red powder were applied to the forehead and cheeks, giving Da’Shanti a dimensional orange base. Going back to the cream makeup, Jordan made a small white circle around the nostrils and bridge of the nose. The very tip of the nose was kept clean.

3.) Time for details! Using the angled brush, a brown cream was added in little, thin lines on the forehead, giving the impression of fur. This was then layered with white spots. Using the white cream, Jordan did short, thick lines going up toward the hairline.

4.) Finally, the black cream was used on the tip of the nose, making a heart shape. To finish, a white eyeshadow was swept below the eyebrows and a dot was put on top of the black nose.

The Butterfly

Here's how we did it!

1.) First, fold a yellow piece of paper in half. Using scissors, cut the top half of a heart, leaving the folded portion intact. When you open it your shape, you will have a butterfly! We made six of different sizes, but feel free to make more!

2.) Use your scissors to make the edges jagged. Don’t overthink this! It’s only to give your butterflies some texture. They do not need to look symmetrical or perfect; you will get a better overall look by letting them be unique. Make sure you have a bobby pin for each butterfly.

3.) Slide the butterfly in the bobby pin with the flat side up. It should sit along the crease you made by folding it earlier. When you’re ready to place them in your hair, pull the bottom of the bobby pin down. You’ll want your hair to sit between the underside of your butterfly and the lower part of the bobby pin.

4.) Taking small pieces of hair, place the butterflies along the sides and crown of your head. This should also be done freely without emphasis on symmetry. That will make them look more natural.

The Bee

Here's how we did it!

1.) Using a bright, cream-based yellow, Jordan covered Da’Shanti’s entire eyelid. “You want a sharp right angle from the inner eye,” Jordan noted. She then used the same yellow to make two bold lines on each side of the face; the same place you would usually put your highlight.

2.) Next, medium brown was used for contour between and under the yellow stripes. Jordan also used it lightly along the lash line, following the right angle to the eyebrow. Using black cream makeup and a fine brush, Jordan emphasized the eyelid crease.

3.) The black cream was then used over the brown contour on the cheeks. Using a zigzag pattern, Jordan blended the edges of the black and yellow stripes.

4.) Lastly, a light pink was used along the cheekbone and the forehead hairline. Two soft, thick lines were then blended down to the eyebrows. If you want to be true to the filter, Jordan then recommends extending the original yellow eye out past the eyebrow. The yellow cream was then brushed over them. “It’s a matter of preference,” Jordan said. Lastly, Da’Shanti’s face was powdered so the look would last.

The Tiger

Here's how we did it!

1.) Take your black cream, your sharp angled brush and get ready to show your stripes! Jordan first outlined a strong cat eye: “Outlines will be your best friend for this,” she told us. “Don’t fill it in until you’re happy with the shape.” She also added a triangle on Ivy’s chin that pointed up toward her lips.

2.) Jordan then inverted the cat eye on the lower lid, so there was a strong point at the base of the nose. Once she was happy with the shapes, she filled them in! She then started her tiger stripes with one thick wavy line under each eye. “You want each stripe to get a little thicker and longer as you go,” Jordan said.

3.) The final stripes were outlined right below the cheekbone.

4.) All the stripes were filled in and adjusted to look as symmetrical as possible. Then Ivy’s face was powdered so the look would stay on throughout the night.

Now go forth and slaaaaaaaaay.

Want to follow our makeup artist and models on Instagram? Jordan: @jordan_eliza / Da’Shanti: @shantiwaa / Ivy: @ivycerelle