Everyday Living October 29th, 2019

Cardboard Halloween Crafts That Are Frightful And Fun

Whether from diapers or deliveries, there always seems to be a few excess boxes lying around.

So what to do with them? The options either seem to be another trip to the recycling bin or another makeshift television craft. (How boring!)

Come on; it’s almost Halloween! There couldn’t be a better time to grab your little helpers, break out the magic wands (paint brushes) and do a little witchcrafting magic!

Halloween is such a unique time. When else can you find vampires, superheroes and princesses all in the same place? In it’s purest form, the holiday embodies creativity and imagination. With fun as the goal, you can make anything and be anything. A rare level playing field for both kids and adults to do just that: play. From creating homemade costumes, decorations or snacks, there’s so much fun to be had on a DIY autumn afternoon with the family.

Furthermore, store-bought Halloween decorations have a tendency to be downright terrifying and expensive, but no one says they have to be. When it comes to trick-or-treating, not even the promise of candy will get little ones to knock on the door of a house that’s too scary. Blood? Skip. Dismembered limbs? That’s a no. Clowns? Absolutely not! Here are a couple of not-so-spooky craft ideas that you can do with the whole family. The faint of heart will thank you for your Halloween spirit.

Monster Boxes

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard boxes
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Box Cutter or Scissors
Hot Glue

Here’s How:

1.) Remove all tape from your box. Reseal one side of the box using hot glue.
2.) Cut off the flaps on the remaining side (this helps with stacking)
3.) Using spray paint in the color of your choice, spray the exterior box and let dry overnight (you may need to prime the box in white first to cover any logos)
5.) Time to decorate! Use a scrap piece of cardboard as your pallet and bring your monster to life with your paint and brush.
6.) Repeat! Create as many little monsters as you’d like.
7.) Stack them near your door or anywhere you’d like to add some spooktacular flare! You can leave the boxes loose like “monster building blocks” or secure them together in your favorite order with a bit of hot glue.

Pro Tip:

Transform you monster box into a Halloween candy bucket. Poke a hole on each side of the box and add a thick piece of ribbon, rope, fabric, belt, etc. Anything your little one can comfortably use as a handle on Halloween night will do. When you paint on your monster face, just make sure the open end is facing up.

Fall Figures

What You’ll Need:

Precision knife
Hot Glue Gun
Felt (optional)

Here’s How:

1.) Draw your desired shape onto a section of cardboard and cut it out
2.) Trace that shape onto a separate section of cardboard and cut it out to create a matching set
3.) Paint your shapes. Try adding decorations like felt, lace or craft paper. Let Dry.
4.) Cut out a long strip of cardboard about 2 in. to 3 in. wide
5.) Carefully but firmly peel off the paper from one side. Leaving the corrugate exposed.
6.) Begin gluing the corrugated strip to the perimeter of one of your shapes.
7.) Continue gluing around the outside of the shape until you make it all the way around. Trim any excess.
8.) You’re almost done! On the other side add a line of hot glue to the inside of the corrugated strip
9.) Gently pop the remaining shape into place
10.) You did it! Place your fall figures on a mantel, shelf, or table as part of a centerpiece. Maybe even try hanging them on the wall or from the ceiling.

Pro Tip:

When cutting out your shapes, try to leave the surrounding cardboard intact. You can use the remnants as a stencil or paint them to create fun Halloween tiles.

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