Everyday Living August 20th, 2018

13 Hacks That Awake Tired Clothes And Shoes

Remember when your favorite pair of jeans weren't so faded and your go-to boots actually looked brand new?

Well, don't go spending hundreds of dollars on replacements quite yet. Just because your clothes or shoes no longer look pristine, doesn't mean a little TLC can't bring them back to true form.

Add new life to your wardrobe with these creative tips and tricks that'll keep your outfits looking fresh off the rack. Just make sure these cleaning hacks become a regular part of your upkeep routine.

1. Red wine stains

Who says opposites attract? The combination of white wine and red wine opposes the theory with this stain-fighting hack. If you’re stuck with a red wine stain, wash it out by drenching the stain in white wine. Make a baking soda paste by mixing it with water, spread it over the stain and let it sit for an hour. Once time is up, rinse the stain and watch it vanish before your eyes.

2. Deodorant stains

Don’t be fooled by the name — baby wipes have nothing in common with babies when it comes to tackling deodorant smudges. So instead of going for a change of clothes or running to the water faucet when your deodorant leaves a trail, grab a baby wipe and gently wipe the smudges away.

3. Oil and grease stains

Similar to baby wipes, baby powder packs a punch. It can remove oil and grease splotches like no one’s business. Your first step to removing the offending stain is to pour baby powder over it and let it sit overnight. Once the baby powder works its magic, wash the garment.

4. Yellow underarm stains

Out of the kitchen and into the laundry room, lemon juice has partnered with salt to challenge the yellowed stains around the underarms of our white shirts. To confront discoloration, sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon juice onto the stain until it’s soaked. Rub the stain until it disappears and toss the shirt in the washer.

5. Makeup stains

As it turns out, shaving cream isn’t just for shaving; it’s also for erasing those hard-to-remove makeup stains. Spread shaving cream on the makeup stain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash off the shaving cream using cold water, and then it’s to the washing machine.

6. Hosiery runs

There’s nothing more annoying than having a run in your tights. But have no fear, clear nail polish is here to stop the run in its tracks by toughening the nylon material. When you notice a run in your tights, take them ASAP and place your hand inside the leg. Paint dots of the polish around the edges of the tear, then allow the hosiery to dry before wearing again.

7. Smelly sneakers

If it’s time to de-stink your sneakers, reach for the baking soda. The powder is a natural deodorizer that will have your sneakers smelling clean overnight. Just pour a decent amount into a pair of clean socks and stuff them in your sneakers.

8. Falling buttons

Pesky buttons are always trying to break free. Avoid having to sew those suckers back on by stopping them before their prison break. Tap clear nail polish around the threads of a button when you notice it’s starting to come undone.

9 Smelly jeans

Put those jeans in the freezer! That’s right — you heard correctly. To keep your jeans odor-free, pop them in a plastic bag and place them inside. In just 24 hours, the cold temperatures will kill any and all odor-causing bacteria.

10. Faded denim

Ever wonder how to stop your dark wash jeans from fading? Well, wonder no more because the answer is vinegar. Add vinegar to the last wash cycle to preserve the color of your jeans.

11. Loose glasses

Whether you’re sporting sunglasses or prescription glasses, clear nail polish will be your new best friend. It’s the new masking tape in the instance of a loose screw. Hence, you can finally drop the Steve Urkel look. Just tighten the fallen screw with a screwdriver and dab the polish over the screw for a long-lasting fix.

12. Leather water stains

Vinegar is back at it again. This time, it’s here to battle the water stains on our leather shoes. By dipping a towel into a mixture of vinegar and water, you’ll be able to wipe those water stains off like it’s an eraser.

13. Scuffed patent leather

New rule: Anyone who owns a pair of patent leather shoes must own a bottle of Windex. The window cleaner is a necessity when removing scuff marks and restoring leather’s shine. Just spray the cleaner on a towel and return the shoes to their original finish.

With these hacks, the garments and footwear in your closet will look fresher than ever. The days of stains and missing buttons will all be history!

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