Lifestyle May 10th, 2017

Adidas Bags Or Bust: The Most Practical Gift To Get Mom

Whenever my mom gets a new bag, we know she’s cleaning house.

Literally and figuratively.

She takes the items out of her old bag and carefully finds new places for her things: cards, pens and Ghirardelli’s chocolate pearls. Then out of the old bag will come our stuff: toys, permission slips, granola bars and bandages.


My mom could outdo any boy scout in preparedness. Whether we are on a trip to the mall, the mountains or the amusement park, she somehow always has what we need. In fact, mom always has the answer in her bag. Sunscreen? Got it. Water bottle? Yep. Extra spoon? Miraculously, yes! Our very own Mary Poppins, things would continue to emerge from her bag and amaze us.

I know this is not a trait singular to my mother. Moms everywhere seem to know what we need before we do. They have a sixth sense of what we want, and no matter how many times your baby brother insists he wants to wear his snow boots to the summer picnic, mom has his sandals when he complains that he’s too hot.

Our magical moms deserve magical bags to match, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get her one.

The Adidas Studio II Duffel is the perfect balance of sporty and chic. Whether at the park or the pool, she can count on this bag to hold everything and hold up at the same time. She’ll love the handles that fit over her shoulder, as well as the crossbody strap when she needs to be a little more hands-on.


Or maybe get her the Adidas Squad III Duffel, which is perfect for when mom wants a to go the gym and have a bag to carry her workout gear (this bag she may keep all to herself).

For the ultimate active mom, the Adidas Studio II Backpack will have room for everything she wants to bring on the family hike.

This Mother’s Day, anticipate what your mom-scout needs and get her an Adidas bag. She’ll wonder just how you knew what she wanted! But of course, she taught you everything you know.

Oh, and if your mom is anything like mine, don’t forget to throw in some chocolates. Then she’ll know she really passed down her mind-reading skills.

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