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1974 marked the year when Hi-Tec Sports was founded in the village of Shoeburyness, in Essex, England. The company´s original success grew from the breakthrough design and development of HI-TEC´s first ever shoe, THE HI-TEC SQUASH. That shoe remains Britain´s all time best selling sports shoe model to this day. In 1982, the Hi-Tec brand name and logo were globally launched in the hopes of becoming a major worldwide sports brand.

Hi-Tec Kids´ outdoor footwear is rugged and durable enough to take your child safely into uncharted territories. High quality hiking shoes can last through the roughest trails. Lightweight sandals are secure and breathable, bringing the nature experience safely to your child. Many of Hi-Tec´s outdoor footwear feature moisture wicking properties to stay warm and dry, even when the surrounding environment is not. Some Hi-Tec products even have reinforcements to offer increased support.

Zappos is happy to offer the Hi-Tec brand. Let Hi-Tec take your children wherever they want to roam.

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