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The Only Sock With A Pulley

Sockietalkies started with a sweet, simple idea inspired by Sockietalkies founder Linda's grandson, Coen. Coen is 11 years old now and has cerebral palsy. He endured 3 brain surgeries in the first weeks of his life. The only thing Linda and family had to hold on to in those first few weeks was hope and faith. From those first few harrowing weeks for Cohen, Linda would whisper to him, "You are strong" and as he grew and started talking, she added "and capable." Linda always looked for ways to remind him he is strong and capable. That includes inventing a whole new kind of sock!

She created BeedleBug Sockietalkies, the only sock with a pulley and uplifting message of hope and motivation on the toe! The pulley (and embroidered ring at the top of the sock) allows Coen and others like him to have more independence simply by having the ability to pull up their own socks.

BeedleBug Sockietalkies products are meant to be inspiring and uplifting with messages of hope and motivation. Living a beautiful life! They will always use the finest materials they can source and bring you high quality products made with love, thought and care. respects your privacy. We don't rent or sell your personal information to anyone.

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