Culture June 21st, 2016

zStarter Campaign Helps Support Internal Projects

Part of Zappos’ culture has always included the input and innovation of its employees. Zapponians are encouraged to take the wheel and fill the voids where they see fit, instead of hoping someone else would. The fostering of these ideas has birthed many projects, like the longstanding zChoir, the volunteer centric Karma Adventures and Zappos Leaf, which heads up Zappos’ sustainability movement.

But some ideas need more than someone willing to act. Some need funds, or access to Zappos resources to get on their feet.

Last month Zappos held its first zStarter, an internal “Kickstarter” campaign to help these groups move forward. The idea was simple: the projects that need company resources were presented to their fellow coworkers. Together, Zapponians would then determine which ideas they feel should get resource backing.

The event proved to be more inspiring than competitive, and Zapponians were excited by the genius within the company. Here’s a peek inside Zappos’ first ever zStarter!