Community March 24th, 2016

Zappos and Project WE Teach Students about Sustainabilty

Vegas Roots Community Garden, is a Grassroots Organization whose mission is to provide The Las Vegas Community with the opportunity to grow food, learn about gardening and wellness, and to be a catalyst for positive change in the health of those in low-income communities.

Project WE and the Each One Teach One Circle here at Zappos are working closely together in order to expose foster youth and provide them with the opportunity to explore traditional and alternative educational options.

Project WE ™is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people through participation in arts, entertainment, fashion and athletic development programs designed to change the actual thought process in which young people approach life.

We had the beauty of taking 3 students along to the Vegas Roots Garden to learn about sustainability and where food comes from. We learned about different plants and vegetables as well as tried a few. We ended our tour of the garden with a journaling exercise to reflect on what was learned and how this experience can affect our lives.

"WE believe that all children should have the opportunity to “Dream BIG” and that their success is impacted by exposure to the valuable tools that will help them successfully advance in life and prepare them to be responsible young adults”