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Kids In Need Foundation is a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom.

They believe a quality education is the gateway to opportunity, and that students cannot achieve their full potential without it. Through their network of 42 well-established resource centers across the country, KINF has provided over $1 billion in product since 1995.

Results have shown that access to free resources immensely impact the students KINF serves.

In a recent survey*, 95% of their network of educators reported that having access to basic school supplies helped them create a more equitable learning environment for their students. Additionally, the following percentages of educators also reported a measurable impact on students':

Interest in Learning


Class Participation

Class Preparedness

*KINF 2019 Annual Impact Report

Through core school supplies and basic essentials, KINF empowers students to make choices for their futures.

With a focus on schools with 70% or more students participating in the National School Lunch Program, KINF ensures that under-resourced students and teachers have access to what they need to succeed. With your help, they can provide the support needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn. It’s more than just a backpack.

Donate New School Supplies and Backpacks

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What Teachers Have to Say

My students were so proud to receive their very own supplies.

They have really respected the gift and have taken care of their school supplies. When a bookbag breaks, thanks to Kids In Need [Foundation], I have one to replace it with. My students are so appreciative of these items. It is a very humbling experience to be able to freely share these supplies with children who are truly in need.

Many students come ready to engage in learning.

The supplies I receive help my students to know that I care about their learning, because for whatever the reason is for their lack of supplies, it is not going to stop them from engaging in the lesson and they will make better use of the time in the classroom.

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