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Hunter is proud to provide an end-of-life recycling solution for your rubber Hunter rain boots.

Once you’ve waved goodbye to your rubber Hunter boots, they will be processed, shredded, and transformed into roads, speed bumps, and a myriad of upcycled materials. Utilizing one tonne of recycled rubber prevents three tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Protection – from the elements and of the planet – is fundamental to everything Hunter does.

Since its founding in Scotland more than 160 years ago, Hunter has created products for people who want to experience the world more deeply. Hunter Protect is their mission to strike the balance between positive purpose and protection.

Hunter’s rain boots are handcrafted over three days from natural rubber. The rubber is a vegan material that is harvested from the bark of trees, and when solidified and moulded into form, it is inherently waterproof.

Recycle Hunter Rubber Boots in Any Condition

Ship your rubber boots free of charge! We accept multiple boxes. Please limit each box to 50 lbs. Label will auto-set to 2 lbs and will be updated once weighed by UPS.
(Continental U.S shipping only.)


Pack Your Donations

Pack up your new or gently used items in any shipping box you have.


Print Label

Click below to print your prepaid shipping label for each box.


Drop-off Package

Attach the shipping label to your box and drop it off at any UPS store!

Please disable pop-up blockers to access label.

Restart the Cycle

After recycling your well-loved Hunter boots, be sure to pick up a new pair on!

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