Community April 19th, 2017

United By Blue Cleanups Make Positive Waves Of Change

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of our planet’s surface and is home to more than one million known species of plants and animals. Sadly these once treasured places are treated no differently than your city’s landfill.

According to this National Geographic article, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of trash and plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float atop the surface. These lethal pieces of litter and waste oil have sickened and killed hundreds of whales, dolphins and porpoises throughout the last two decades. And smaller cetaceans continue to be threatened by plastic bags, soda pack rings and fishing gear.

Marine debris can also harm or kill coral reef animals. Coral reefs require clean water to thrive. Floating trash hooked on reefs can block the sunlight needed for their algae tenants to photosynthesize, and can commonly look like jellyfish to feeding turtles.

Fortunately, today are many marine wildlife conservation organizations aiming to help clean our oceans. Of that coalition is the clothing brand United By Blue.

United By Blue strives to rise above and become more than just an outdoor lifestyle brand. Following their passion for the oceans and waterways that connect the world, United By Blue reinvests their own time and energy and dedicates their effort into cleanups that remove a pound of trash from watersheds or the ocean for each product sold.

The company began getting its hands dirty in 2010, organizing and hosting all of their cleanups, creating a community of those who care about the outdoors.

In the past six years, United By Blue has brought together thousands of volunteers to pick up plastic bottles, tires, cans, appliances and everything else that makes its way into Earth's oceans and waterways. So far, the company has hosted 142 cleanups and has removed 264,969 pounds of trash from rivers, streams, creeks and beaches across 23 states.

We do this because we believe that for-profit businesses have just as much a stake in the future of our environment as every citizen and consumer. More significantly, we believe that business has an opportunity to affect real and meaningful change.


In addition to their dedication to mitigating humankind's direct impact on the environment, United By Blue brings that same focus back around to their clothing. Using third-party-approved organic cotton to craft soft, jersey-knit T-shirts, durable, lasting duck canvas, and classic twills and finely woven, recycled polyester fabrics, they continuously reaffirm their dedication to the world in which we all live.

By committing to the extra effort it takes to do the right thing, putting boots on the ground instead of words into the air, United By Blue proves their commitment to responsible action.

Show your commitment by joining the #BlueMovement. You can even sign up for United By Blue cleanups here!

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