Culture April 15th, 2016

The Zappos Oath And Graduating Classes #159 & #160

New hire training aims to teach those coming into our company about Zappos’ culture and core values. After all, these things are the foundation to who we are and everything we do.

This rigorous five-week program is filled with customer service learnings, tests and constant feedback. We also throw in a nice helping of team building activities, random dance parties and a deeper understanding of our customer service philosophy with a hands-on approach.

After all that hard work, we believe the class deserves a pretty epic graduation ceremony, and we try to do just that. Confetti, silly string, and air horns are commonplace at all of our graduations.

This time, the FUN team helped us take graduation to another level with lights, even more music and a jam-packed venue. The cherry on top was a happy hour at a nearby bar, which was completely self-organized by the training class. This is a true testament to the awesome relationships new employees build in and out of class.