Community April 11th, 2017

A Mosaic Of Color At Sunrise Acres Elementary

Zappos is a passionate company. We’re passionate about customers, we’re passionate about culture and we’re definitely passionate about community! We are always striving for new ways to support and connect to this place we call home.

In 2016, Green Our Planet approached Zappos to sponsor a school garden. Once established, we knew we wanted to elevate the garden experience in true Zappos fashion. Our vision was not only for the 900+ students using the 3,000 square foot space as an outside classroom but for the greater community as well. Right away, it sounded like a job for Miguel!

Miguel Hernandez, Zappos’ resident artist, saw the wall adjacent to the garden and knew just how to bring a little WOW to their outdoor space. After a year of mapping the wall and mathematically dividing it into five-inch squares, Miguel set to work on this massive undertaking. Given the pixelated design of the project, he was able to enlist the aid of many Zapponians — even those with limited artistic ability.

Left: Using Adobe Illustrator, the mural was mapped out pixel by pixel. Right: The completed mural at Sunrise Acres Elementary

In the end, there were 1,680 squares painted in 16 different colors. The many hands that touched this project make it the largest artistic project Zappos has produced by hand to date. This unique piece is best enjoyed from across the street as each colored square together creates a beautiful mosaic. This wall is truly a visual gift for the whole community.

Thank you, Green Our Planet, for creating such a spectacular green space for the school. And thank you, Zappos, for exemplifying Core Value #4, Create Fun and a Little Weirdness!