Culture January 2nd, 2020

How A Passion Became A Life Practice


Melody Loveday found her passion when she stepped into her first yoga class.

Feeling amazing during and after those workouts, she realized that “this is something I want to do for my entire life.”

In 2017, she took a two-week break from her role as a social marketer and attended a yoga teacher certification program in Costa Rica.

Upon her return, Loveday began thinking of ways to maintain her yoga practice while refining her teaching skills. She approached Zappos’ Benefits Team and asked if she could use her spare time to host informal on-site classes. One thing led to another, and after a few teachings, Loveday’s name appeared on Zappos’ official wellness calendar.

“Getting my certification to teach yoga has been such an incredible journey. I could have never orchestrated it the way that it happened. And that I was allowed to pursue my passion,” says Loveday. “More companies should allow their employees to pursue their passions in the way Zappos does.”


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