Culture November 25th, 2019

Meet Marley, Tony Hsieh's Pet Alpaca


In a land not so far away ...

Situated in the rolling hillsides of Lucas Valley-Marinwood, California, is Skywalker Ranch. It was here where a young Tony Hsieh would park his bike and interact with the property’s llamas and alpacas. The affectionate and personable livestock quickly became Hsieh’s favorite animal and a prelude to the future.

That future is today, and the Zappos CEO is the owner of Marley, a 4-year-old alpaca. The two, along with Hsieh’s dog, Blizzy, live within a communal airstream park in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

According to Hsieh, Marley loves spending time meeting new people, grazing the grass, playing poker and eating lots of carrots. “If anyone’s ever interacted with an alpaca, you know you just can’t help but laugh,” says Hsieh.

Since Marley’s arrival, the park has become home to other residents’ dogs, cats, chickens and, yes, even a sloth. It's anyone's guess what animals Hsieh and his gang will show up with next!


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