Community December 6th, 2017

Zappos Portrays Real Customer Stories With Hilarious Ads

It's no secret that Zappos is “powered by service.”

Wowing customers has been the cornerstone of the company since its origins. With 18 years of above-and-beyond service, you can bet there have been some memorable stories along the way.

Meredith Katz, who’s a member of Zappos’ brand marketing team, had the idea to gather real customer stories and bring them to life. After all, everyone loves a good story with an everyday hero. Share a true story with heart, and it’s sure to be a crowd favorite!

“What better way to showcase our customer service and quirky brand than through the customer’s eyes?” said Katz.

The process of narrowing down which stories to use wasn’t easy.

“We collected hundreds of true stories from our Customer Loyalty Team, tenured employees, and even the customers themselves,” remarked Katz. “Cutting it down to just three felt almost impossible — there were so many amazing true stories! I think that was that hardest part of all.”

The three stories selected told the tale a young ballerina who wants to wear sneakers like her Dad for her recital, a husband who loses his wife's jewelry by putting it in a handbag she returned, and yogis accidentally making their men jealous by fawning over yoga pants.

“This is only the beginning,” Katz told me. “There are so many wonderful true stories that happen every day because of Zappos, and I’m now on a mission to collect and share them with others.”

Not Your Average Ballerina


Jewelry Gone Astray


Just Say Om