Culture May 16th, 2018

After Her Death, This Team Finds Peace In Puzzles


Puzzles. Some people love ‘em. Some people hate ‘em.

But regardless of your opinion, they’re a way to bring people together and carry on one person’s legacy.

Did you know that solving puzzles reinforces the existing connections between our brain cells and boosts the generation of new ones? Those brain cells greatly enhance our cognitive processing — and enhanced cognitive processing is pretty handy to have when working with numbers and balance sheets.

Kathy Anderson worked in the Finance Department here at Zappos. She loved jigsaw puzzles and would bring them to work and put them together during her breaks.

When Kathy unexpectedly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016, her colleagues kept her love for puzzles going. To honor her memory, a wall of completed puzzles carries on the legacy she left behind all too soon.


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