Culture January 21st, 2020

Zappos Nap Room Has Employees Sleeping With The Fishes

Despite it not being a good thing for Luca Brasi, it turns out that sleeping with the fishes is great for Zapponians.

“It’s been proven that a 20-minute nap makes people more effective during the day,” states the Godfather of Zappos: CEO Tony Hsieh.

And there’s no place better to take a quick power nap than inside The Tank at Zappos. It’s not just a dark room with chairs or nap pods — instead, a custom-made, 25-foot-long, 3,500-gallon saltwater aquarium anchors massage chairs within the space. It was designed by Wayde King and Brett Raymer, stars of Animal Planet’s “Tanked.”



Four massage chairs nestle under carved arches built into the tank so employees can lie back and watch fish glide through crystal clear water and colorful coral reefs. Employees are free to occupy the nap room during their breaks, lunchtime, or whenever they can’t keep their eyes open. A 10 to 20-minute session can make you more creative, boost your intelligence, and help get you through the day.

Zappos has long been a believer in napping at work. In the company’s early days, an enclosed place for cots, pods and couches has always been available to employees. With around-the-clock customer service, sometimes a power nap is all it takes to recharge one’s batteries.

But installing an awesomely oversized aquarium goes well beyond a dedicated nap room. It harkens back to company culture and ensuring employees are happy.



“For us, our number one priority as a company is company culture,” said Hsieh in a 2010 interview with Marketplace. “Our whole belief is that if we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service or building a long-term, enduring brand, will just happen naturally on its own.”

The Godfather took sleeping with the fishes seriously, and here at Zappos, we take it seriously too. We just let employees sleep with the fishes instead of becoming fish food.

Zappos was highlighted on “Tanked” Season 13, Episode 10. To stream the full episode on Animal Planet, click here.


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