Culture April 19th, 2019

Getting Out And Giving Back To Nature

A retired Air Force veteran, John Sorensen now spends his days on the ground instead of in the air.

“You cut me, I’ll bleed volunteerism,” says Sorenson, who heads up Zappos' conservation initiatives through a program called L.E.A.F.



L.E.A.F. stands for "Leading Environmental Awareness for our Future." This cause allows Zapponians the opportunity to get together in a volunteer capacity and engage in the outdoors.

“I’m outside, this is me,” Sorenson says with a smile, as he and other Zapponians teamed up with community volunteers to install native plants at Clark County Wetlands Park.

Often a forgotten Las Vegas oasis, the wetlands cover 2,900 acres just east of the Las Vegas Strip and plays an integral part in the city's natural filtration system. The flora, especially those in areas of standing water, help cleanse the water by removing pollutants as it trickles downstream towards Lake Mead.

Thanks to Sorenson and other volunteers, their volunteerism is helping support this unique desert ecosystem and making Las Vegas a sustainable place to live.


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