Culture June 24th, 2019

This Is The Reason Why Zappos Has Endless Fun


Stress-related health care and missed work cost employers nearly $300 billion annually.

Worldwide, 87% of workers say they are emotionally disconnected from their workplace, 76% cite money and work as the leading cause of their stress, and 10% of workers are unhappy, making them less productive.

So, how can companies buck the trend of disengaged, high-anxiety employees?

Offering up amenities is one option. However, creating a team of fungineers takes it to the next level.

What exactly is a fungineer? According to Zappos’ Director of Brand Awareness Tyler Williams, the Fungineering Team supports the personality of the brand by creating employee experiences with a one-of-a-kind “only Zappos would do that” impression.



In short, their mission is to bring joy and smiles to the company’s 1,500ish employees.

Comprised of four full-time team members, this in-house team of creatives and tacticians plan dozens of on-campus activities throughout the year. Past and ongoing events include the Hostess Sweetennial, Fandom Fridays, Work and Watch, and surprise and delights, such as having free chips and guac delivered to your desk.

For the more significant gatherings, like the company picnic, vendor party and holiday events, two to three months of planning are devoted to the specifics. Ideas get pitched, venues get secured, and development goes full speed ahead. This around-the-clock job requires many early morning, late nights and long weekends.

“People think it’s the funnest job in the company, but it’s a lot of hours of planning for a short amount of time of execution,” says Head of Fungineering Audrea Hooper.

Any company can have fungineers, and thousands of dollars don’t need to be spent on extravagant events. Celebrate success with potlucks, a silly dress-up day, or even a paint and pizza party.

Kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun — hardworking adults deserve some playtime, too.


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