Community November 20th, 2014

Fitting And Feeding Las Vegas' Homeless

Homelessness has always been a major struggle for the people and city of Las Vegas. During the colder months, it’s especially hard for those hoping to find warmth and safety. Around Thanksgiving, Zappos believes everyone deserves a warm meal, a new pair of shoes and a hug or a smile from a stranger who cares about them.

This past holiday season Zappos partnered with the Salvation Army and invited those in need to our campus to receive a beautiful Thanksgiving meal along with a new pair of shoes. Many Zappos employees volunteered for this enormous and important event, and it was great to see how eager everyone was to pitch in. Together with the Salvation Army 1,178 pairs of shoes and hot meals were distributed along with 3,566 pairs of socks to those in need.

Seeing something as simple as a smile on their face was an amazing thing to witness. We hope that happiness carried on with them well into the new year.