Culture April 18th, 2018

This Zapponian Brings A Sense Of Fun To His Commute


The average U.S. commuter spends approximately 100 hours a year on the road.

That’s 100 hours of wear and tear on the car, 100 hours of potential road rage, and hundreds, even thousands, of gallons of gas consumed.

As it is in most large cities, the drive in the Las Vegas Valley can be brutal. But Zappos productivity coach and urban dweller Mike Williams isn’t your typical Las Vegas commuter. Being a New York transplant, snowboarding is one of his passions. However, the lack of desert snow posed a problem, so he turned to another board – an electric skateboard.

Williams wanted to break the morning routine and make his commute an adventure. So he took his fate into his own hands (and feet) and bought the board to ride to and from work.
Zappos encourages people to bring a little weirdness into their lives. “That invitation was just the spark I needed to try something different,” says Williams.


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