Culture December 6th, 2018

This Is How Zappos Optimizes Its Campus For Innovation

Zapponians love their desks.

After all, we don’t desk share here. Each employee, no matter what hours they work, can decorate, spruce up, raise or lower their workspace as they please. Sometimes, though, a change of scenery can help break up the day.

In fact, science recommends it.

According to research done by furniture brand Haworth, there are two very different types of workplace behavior that are needed to foster employee innovation. The first caters to a more concentrative mode for working, whether alone or in a group, and the other includes more restful activities, which create opportunities for insight.

In its white paper titled “Optimizing the Workplace for Innovation: Using Brain Science for Smart Design,” Haworth says many offices tend to promote only one kind of work. Meaning, they are doing a disservice to their employees.

"Employees experience happiness when their workplace and workspaces convey that they are valued by their organization and when they can focus on their work,” says the paper. “When we are free to create and innovate, good things happen for all of us."

Since moving into its refurbished downtown Las Vegas headquarters in 2013, Zappos frequently reimagines its office space for work and play. In fact, here are 10 unique areas where employees can take their computer (or not!) to recharge and recommit to their tasks.

Rooftop Patio

This space is loaded with comfy chairs and loungers. For those wanting to work or socialize, there are several tables and booths in which to do so. Or pull up a chaise under the giant leaf sculptures and soak up the ambiance of the downtown skyline.



Themed Conference Rooms

Decorated conference rooms are on each floor of the Zappos campus. Hang out in the clouds in the “Safe Room,” indulge in fantasy in the “Coffee Cup Room” or get lost in the constellations in the “Space Odyssey Room.” There’s a quiet space for almost any Zapponian to enjoy.


Central Plaza

Sit beneath the ultra-modern plant tree sculptures in the plaza and indulge in some fresh oxygen. There’s plenty of seating for several Zapponians for an impromptu work or chat session. Don’t forget sunscreen!



Bubble Break Rooms

Each floor of the tower has a “bubble break room” where Zapponians can watch the traffic ebb and flow on US-95, eat lunch, take a nap or indulge in some friendly conversations with other Zapponians.



Rear Courtyard

Grass is a premium commodity in Las Vegas, but Zappos has a patch of green in the back courtyard. Perfect to take your dog for a stroll, sit by the fire pit on cold days or take a quick break and reconnect with nature.



Jam Room

The Bohemian vibe of the “Jam Room” will draw in any Zapponian. Sink into a chair or lean back on the soft leather couch. Grab a guitar and indulge in some Bob Dylan or Chris Stapleton. Not a musician? No problem! The “Jam Room” welcomes everyone.



Ringside Seating

Zapponians can definitely have some serendipitous interactions sitting outside! There’s lots of seating throughout the circular three-levels of the Metro Building. Great for any Zapponian wanting to get work done but not necessarily at their desk.



Table Tennis

Laptop got you cross-eyed? Head up to the gaming room and start a rousing match of table tennis. Located inside the café, Zapponians can get a caffeinated beverage and a workout at the same time.



Miniature Golf

You know what they say: Business gets done on the golf course. So, head over to the nine-hole mini golf course located on the rooftop patio. Pick your favorite putter, grab a ball, some friends and see who can make the first hole-in-one!



Nap Room

Want a rub down while you pound out that proposal? Head to the massage chairs outside the nap room. Or better yet, leave your computer at your desk and head inside the 25-foot fish tank for a quick snooze!



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