Culture February 5th, 2019

These Product Video Bloopers Will Have You Cry-Laughing


The world of video production is an exciting and magical place.

Just ask our dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to bring you a wealth of information in our 50-second product videos. They’re determined to help you, the customer, make an educated buying decision.

Did you know that each Zappos video content producer creates upwards of 50 videos a day? With seven on staff, that’s over 350 videos per day, 1,750 videos per week and over 91,000 videos per year! When the lights turn on and the camera begins to roll, these amazing Zapponians are nothing short of articulate and flawless. Well … on most days.

In the spirit of Core Value #3, Create Fun and a Little Weirdness, we’ve compiled for you some of our favorite bloopers over the years. Let’s all give a big shout-out to Nelly, Autumn, Richard, Sunshine, BJ and Brooke for giving us a glimpse behind the scenes and what goes into making the perfect product video.

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