Community June 20th, 2016

Powered By Love: Zappos Stands With Orlando

Abutting Las Vegas’ busiest freeway interchange and peaking at 10 stories tall, Zappos’ headquarters is arguably one of the most visible buildings in the city. Recently, passersby caught a glimpse of a new art installation located on tower’s top floor windows: Las Vegas Loves Orlando. The decorative piece, made only from sticky notes, was created to show support of the victims in the recent shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub.

As the news poured out over the event, disbelief and sadness swept across the country. The horrific events that shook the nation have been declared the largest mass shooting in the nation. Forty-nine people we killed and another 53 people were injured.

In an effort to unite Las Vegas and to show support, Zappos' installation is an amazing demonstration of solidarity. To amplify the message, Zappos employees incorporated a verbal message in the video tribute above. T-shirts were also sold in response to the shooting. Together, Zappos raised over $3,500 to support Equality Florida, an organization that works towards equality and justice for Florida’s LGBT community.

Zappos stands united, showing that hate will never win over love. Regardless of our diversity, we are family; we are powered by love.