Culture August 28th, 2018

Get To Know The Zappos Tours Team

When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind?

The glitz, the glamour?

The showgirls, the slot machines?

Have you thought about shoes, customer service and sassy tour guides? Well, maybe you should!

Twenty-five thousand people from around the globe take the 90-minute guided tour through Zappos’ downtown Las Vegas campus every year. The tour tells our ongoing story and introduces customers and entire companies to our unique culture from the inside out.

Helping take these guests around the office in small groups each day are six terrific tour guides, ready to answer questions, talk about their own experiences at the company, and help our guests understand a bit of what we do and how we do it every day.

Let’s meet the zany bunch who live to enlighten you about all things Zappos, taking the typical tour experience from ho-hum to zowie-wowie!

Letha M.

The Culture Apple

Letha moved to Sin City to become a bartender. Rather than tending the bar she found a job tending customers and mixing up service cocktails.

Ten years later, she’s still here, and we’re happy she stuck around! Live music brings out the best in her and liars bring out the worst. On her downtime, you might find her listening to Prince’s “Purple Rain” album on repeat.

Asked what motivates her, Letha says, “I’m motivated by seeing what’s next. I spent a lot of my life trying to manipulate outcomes in my life and time and again was shown that no matter how much control you think you have, the universe has more. Now that I’ve realized this, I am excited to see where the universe takes me.”


Jean D.

The Culture Roadrunner

Jean worked on the Customer Loyalty Team for nine years but wanted to embrace and drive change, so she left the happy world of Zappos to pursue other opportunities.

A year later, she realized that Zappos was her ikigai and came back as a seasonal phone call representative. Not long after, she was recruited to join the Tours Team.

Jean says, “Being back at Zappos is like coming home! I learned a lot during my absence; it has made me more grateful for the opportunities that Zappos has to offer, the chance for growth and never-ending learning. Every day has been amazing; I never realized how many friends I have here. I can’t wait to see where my second journey will take me!”


Ryo Z.

The Culture Maestro

Ryo started his Zappos journey as a barista at Zappos' onsite café whipping up Zappochinos and chai lattes along with a friendly smile or a funny compliment.

One of his favorite tour memories includes a group of senior citizens. He recalls, “One particular woman came up to me, grabbed my hand while she was checking in at the front desk and said, ‘I want to personally thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for the downtown community.’ She was so sincere; I realized that she thought I was our CEO, Tony Hsieh.”

Aside from his obsession with all things Mariah Carey, Ryo is a singer/songwriter and a ukulele player. If you ask, he’ll probably sing or play the uke throughout your entire tour!


Synna C.

The Culture Flower

Synna wanted to be an actor after appearing in the shows “Lost,” “Hawaii” and “North Shore” in Hawaii. Ten years ago, to save money before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting, she moved to Vegas, nicknamed the Ninth Island, due to the large population of Hawaiians who call it home.

She found paradise at Zappos, working in various Customer Loyalty departments. She enjoyed the work, but wanted more face-to-face time with people and joined the Tours Team shortly after.

Synna has a passion for her son and “everything journals, planners, notebooks and pens. I honestly have every color pen you can think of, and I buy notebooks and NEVER write in them. If you look at my desk, about seven notebooks are sitting untouched in pristine condition.”


Jacqui G.

The Culture Dancer

Jacqui lived in the Bay Area for two decades years before moving to Vegas. She started dancing at 9 years old and studiously trained for a ballet career until a broken ankle took her out of the running at the age of 16.

Even though Jacqui isn’t twirling in front of adoring crowds, she continues to dance her way into the hearts of all her tour guests and is pursuing her dream of becoming an external speaker.

As far as role models go, Jacqui says, “In general it can be anyone. Anyone who is true to themselves. Anyone who has no judgment, anyone who does the right thing when others don’t. Anyone who thinks for themselves and inspires others to do the same.”


David P.

The Culture Cowboy

David came to Las Vegas via Dallas, Texas in 2014 to start a church. While pursuing this passion, he found another one, working at Zappos!

David loves everything Zappos. He has so much enthusiasm for the company’s culture that he transferred from recruiting job candidates to giving headquarter tours. He enjoys using his Zappos knowledge and his great personality to wow every guest that walks through the door.

What motivates David? In his words, “making people smile. If there is anything I can do to make someone smile, I will do it. Sing a silly song, tell a dumb joke, make an ugly face, accidentally start a fire, whatever makes someone smile, I will try my best to make it happen.”


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