Community August 10th, 2017

Add To Your Family With 'Friends On Us Fridays'

Does the soothing sound of a cat purring ease your stress? Does the wagging tail of a dog put a big, silly grin on your face?

If so, then you share the same mission that Zappos does: To increase the GDH of the USA with furry friends. What’s GDH you ask? Why it’s Gross Domestic Happiness!

To show our support, we’re leading up to our annual Pawlidayz event with Friends on us Fridays.

Allowing you more opportunities to adopt, every Friday, from August 11 to November 17, Zappos will sponsor shelter adoptions to approved adopters across 15 states and 36 cities with the help of North Shore Animal League America.

North Shore is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. They have collectively saved the lives of over 1 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Together, let’s add to those numbers!

Animal shelters are full of pets looking for that special someone to take them home to be a part of a loving family. And Zappos is passionate about spreading happiness to its customers and beyond. So, we’ve decided to marry these two concepts by delivering WOW, woof and meow!

Now's the time to polish your speech and talk to your family as to why you need one (or two!) cats, dogs or a combination of both in your lives right now.

For more information on Friends on us Fridays, click here to view upcoming cities, participating shelters, as well as pets currently available for adoption!

And don’t forget, Friends on us Fridays wraps up with a bang over Thanksgiving weekend with Pawlidayz!

At Zappos, we believe the holidays should be about love. So, for three days, beginning November 24, we’ll continue to sponsor adoption fees at shelters throughout the country.

So, get to any one of the dozens of sponsored shelters over the next three months, or if you’re in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, stop by the Zappos campus. We’ll have lots of adoptable cats and dogs from which to choose!

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