Culture March 30th, 2016

'America's Got Talent' Daniel Park Fine-Tunes Zappos Hold Music

At some point or another we’ve all called a company’s toll-free number. Whether phoning in to dispute the cable bill, making an appointment with the family physician, or looking to make a purchase with an online shoe retailer (ahem), you’ll likely wait a few seconds, or sometimes longer, for a representative to answer.

It’s never the wait, however, that can be so bothersome. Rather, it‘s the painstakingly dreadful on-hold music echoing off your eardrum that can set your mood, the tone of the call and your experience with the person on the other end in a downward spiral. Because let’s face it: a mash-up of synthesized wind instruments and a reverb piano will never do itself justice.

In an effort to keep your calls coming in, and your spirits high when you do, Zappos and accomplished singer-songwriter Daniel Park have teamed up to provide you music from his latest album, “Sidewalk Guitar.”

A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Daniel is a one-man-band and has performed in cities across the country with nothing more than his violin, acoustic guitar and showstopping vocals.

Daniel was a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” Season 7 and is an early adopter of new music technology, particularly the art of looping. Along with performing hundreds of covers from notable bands, Daniel currently has one full-length album, three EP’s, one live EP and one single. A fourth EP is due to be released in the spring of 2016.

I recently caught up with Daniel to talk about the album, his hold music partnership with Zappos and where he sees his musical career going from here.

How would you say music has influenced your life?

Growing up, I was a shy kid who practiced violin and was kind of nerdy. Music created a form of communication for me that I didn't think was possible. It was my form of expression, a way to push me out of comfort zone and connect with people. Many of the friends I have are because of music, and I think that still rings true today.

How has life influenced your music, namely your album “Sidewalk Guitar”?

There was a time in my life where I was constantly traveling. Every week I was in a different city playing my guitar, which inspired the album and song ‘Sidewalk Guitar.’ Being a singer-songwriter I draw from my personal experiences and memories. Some of the best ones I've had were while I was on the road meeting people and venturing into new places.

Being a musician surprisingly can involve a lot of computer-related work. Whether it's editing videos, catching up on emails or connecting with fans. No matter what city I'm in, I can always find a coffee shop to rely on playing catch up. ‘Love in Your Hands’ is about looking back at your favorite memories in life and being grateful.

Of the three songs available when phoning Zappos, which is your favorite?

'Sidewalk Guitar' by far. It brings back many memories of traveling, and I just like the vibe of the song.

What types of feelings do you hope your music evokes?

I'm a very positive person, and I hope my music reflects that. I love the make-you-feel-good type of songs, so I try to evoke that type of feeling.

How long did it take to master the art of ‘looping’? What advantages does this give you as an artist?

For those of you that don't know, looping is a musical style that allows an instrumental section to be repeated. For example, I play both violin and guitar and through looping I'm able to record a section of violin during a show and have it repeated while I sing and play guitar.

I find it to be an art form in and of itself. I've been looping for eight years now, and I'm constantly learning new things. I wouldn't say I've fully ‘mastered' it because there's always room for growth, but just like anything in life constant practice and dedication is the key. As a multi-instrumentalist it gives me the advantage of being able to utilize both instruments and gives the effect of full band, although I'm a solo musician.

Which band or artist is your favorite to cover?

One of my favorite bands is Coldplay. I have loved every album they have released. I think it's apparent how much passion they have for their craft, and I'm inspired by their work because they are constantly evolving. Ed Sheeran is someone I admire; he is also a looping artist.

From worldwide appearances to "America's Got Talent", what lies ahead?

The future isn't certain, but I know that I will be working hard to keep on creating new music and videos for the world to see! You can hear more music at