Business August 28th, 2017

Dealing With The Departure Of A Beloved Coworker

The first day at a new job can be terrifying.

New processes, people and the anxiously awaited moment of meeting a new friend. You say hello, they do too and over the years that friendship blossoms. You see them through life celebrations like marriage, promotions and even hard times like stress or family sickness. There when you need them, this coworker has your back and with the drop of an inside joke, can turn begrudging Mondays into something you look forward to.

Life is great! Nothing can go wrong ... until it does.

Your coworker and friend is moving on. If you’re lucky, he or she has accepted another job in town, and you can still meet for Thirsty Thursday’s. But life doesn’t always work the way you want it to. Instead, your bestie is moving out of state or leaving the country, and you’re stuck trying to figure out your travel plans or the cost of stamps.

Things change, and we all know that, but a part of you is now missing. Begrudging Mondays return, rearing its ugly head. A walk to get lunch now seems lonely and uneventful. Truth be told, work just isn’t as fun. Now, unless you succeed in your pleas for them to stay, the next best thing is to find ways to cope with them leaving. The show must go on.

Facebook does an excellent job of reminding us of the memories we’ve created, in addition to helping us stay in touch. Share, like and react to things they post. Get their opinion on articles you’re reading or share tasty recipes you’ve come across. Receiving a little social media love not only brightens your spirits but is a great way to stay connected to their lives.

Ignoring the sarcasm about stamps, snail mail is such a thoughtful way to keep in touch, especially if they've moved to a different country. Postcards from Amsterdam or handwritten letters from England are just a few of life’s luxuries to help you remember the friendship. Of course, that’s in addition to getting a few trinkets from around the world.

Setting up FaceTime and Skype dates are also essential to keep that connection strong. Texting or hour-long conversations become the highlight after a long day’s work. Catching up does a great job of making it feel like no time has passed at all.

It’s not easy, but one thing that I’ve learned from my coworker moving is if the relationship’s worth it, you’ll find a way. Everyone’s schedules get busy, and sometimes weeks can go by before you make a phone call.

However, it’s important to remember small moments and gestures can remind a person just how much they mean to you. And soon the cracks in your heart and the heart of your beloved coworker will heal, and your friendship can continue to grow.

Moving on doesn't have to mean losing a friend.