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AGL is a family-run Italian shoe brand managed by the third generation of three sisters- Sara, Vera, and Marianna Giusti. The company is known for its high-quality and modern shoes that are made in the Italian region of Marche, the beating heart of shoemaking production. AGL was created in 1958 by their grandfather Piero Giusti, who made the glove-like fit the distinctive feature of the brand. His son, Attilio, went on to conquer Europe and the U.S. The Giusti sisters further expanded the brand's reputation & worldwide distribution by reshaping the image and giving AGL a new more sophisticated, feminine, and minimalist look. They infused the company with a new modernized vision, bringing in innovative materials and cutting-edge styles while still staying true to the craftsmanship, 100%-made-in-Italy quality and tradition that is the ethos of the brand their grandfather created so many years ago.

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