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New York City

New York City in the winter is one of the coolest places to be for the holiday season, but it’s also literally freezing temperature-wise. When you’re strolling down snow-covered streets taking in the extravagant festive decorations, it’s hard not to get into the holiday spirit. Whatever your big city getaway brings, make sure you’re dressed for the cold-weather elements, but do it like a New Yorker and add a dash of style.

Pack the Right Stuff for your Trip to New York City

Everyday is New York Fashion Week - but freezing

Whatever the weather, New Yorkers make sure that their look is always on point! New York City is freezing in the winter, so make sure you pack warm base layers to wear under your more stylish and chic visible layers.

Pack an under-coat and an overcoat

A long down jacket is your best bet to block out the chilly winds but if you’re looking for a more stylish ensemble, consider layering a lighter down jacket under a long wool coat.

Packing Tip


A lightweight, packable down jacket will keep you warm in cold weather climates and is highly compressible so it won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Walking in a winter wonderland

The city is a magical place when it’s covered in white sparkling snow, but things quickly become down right miserable when the snow turns into sludge. Wear waterproof boots and thick wool socks to stay warm and dry.

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Bundle up every square inch

Go the extreme to protect those extremities. A thick, long scarf, wool gloves, beanie, and even ear muffs may seem a bit much, but you won’t regret it. Even your eyes need protection from the strong winds; bring a pair of sunglasses to help prevent watery eyes.

Careful how you tote your stuff around

Not only are backpacks not allowed in most museums, they also take up a lot of space on the subway, and they leave you more susceptible to pickpockets in crowded areas. Instead, opt for a roomy tote or crossbody bag that is more within sight.

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