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I just wanted to say how AWESOME I think you all are! I got a letter concerning a gift card I had gotten for my niece in 2011. I assumed she had used it, but after the letter from Zappos, I questioned her about it discovered she'd lost it! I contacted Zappos and it was reissued to her, but the email it was reissued to, she no longer had ( an email she used in college ). Zappos issued AGAIN to her current email and presto ... She had gift card and ordered exactly what she wanted :)??Thanks Zappos and ALLLLLLL of your wonderful staff for making this so easy and for not forgetting about $50 that was just 'laying around' wanting to be spent!!! You guys ROCK, and I'm so happy that I'm one of your VIPs :D. A blessed day to you all and thanks for always being my go to!!!!

Muffyn H. │ 02/18/2014

First of all, I would like to thank Jason and the Zappos team for their extraordinary effort to help me in this order. If I have to have to rate my experience with this order, I would rate it as 10 out of 10 in comparison to any of my online and in-store shopping experiences with other companies. It was a true learning experience, even for me as a customer on how your team provides great customer service with professionalism, humbleness, and especially open and honest communication with customers. This positive relationship and engagement between Team Zappos and customers provides a competitive advantage as well as higher customer satisfaction.?I would also like to mention that I am a great fan of Tony Hsieh, the great leader who has the passion and has established the framework of a unique corporate culture, one that nurtures its followers and drives the motivation of best customer service. Tony's great leadership helped Zappos build and promote the great values and infuses into all areas of the organization, and undoubtedly established the Zappos brand with a reputation for superior customer experience.?Thanks a lot, Team Zappos.

Rajib D. │ 02/18/2014

I just want to thank you for your customer service!! I wrote inquiring of what to do about my damaged boots, but I never expected such exceptional service, and so quickly!! I was so disappointed about the boots and I appreciate your help in this matter!! I will definitely make sure that whenever I shop online ... your website will be my first choice!!

Shannon H. │ 02/18/2014

Thank you very much for refunding my money. You're the best online company out there, hands down. I will continue to tell friends and family members about Zappos and your awesome customer service.

Shannon A. │ 02/18/2014

Dear Marvelous ZappoNation!?Just a note to pass on to your leaders: you people are the greatest! I have never ever had a bad experience with Zappos, and speaking with your employees is a joy. I love the LOVE NOTES and tell everyone I know about the great service and excellent staff. Don't ever change.

Carolyn T. │ 02/03/2014

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Usually I fear buying clothing online, as I'm pretty picky with my clothes. The models, descriptions, sizing is helpful, but the greatest feeling in the world is that I am not going to pay for fast shipping in either direction. Free returns are what brought me to your site. Although the product might be cheaper somewhere else, I know the peace of mind I'm getting here is more than worth the extra few dollars. Thank you for allowing me to shop for swimwear from the comfort of my computer with confidence!

Elisabeth W. │ 02/03/2014

I love you Zappos; if you were a man, I'd marry you.

Cindy B. │ 02/03/2014

I have not seen anything like this in any review,nor any testimonial. I ordered a 1 1/2 wide and when I opened the box they had sent a 4 1/2 xtra wide. The warehouse person made a mistake, but now I have a problem, and I am not too happy. I am very worried and nervous about this. I am going to try and return them. This is my 17th pair of shoes I have gotten my grandchildren in not even a year's time. I have been very happy always before. When this is corrected, I will send another happy review.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

Well, this review isn't for the pants, as I received a completely different pair in the mail. I wish I had received these lucy leggings instead of the NEW BALANCE wide leg crops I received instead. First, they were supposed to arrive last Friday (overnight shipping).. yet, my zappos package didn't arrive until today (Tuesday).. and to top it all off, I open the box and see completely different pants! Unbelievable! Not to mention, the last time I ordered the Lucy convertible yoga pants from Zappos, they came with a huge hole in them. Zappos service has gone completely downhill and I will likely never shop from them ever again. Huge disappointment, as Zappos used to have great service, but no longer.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

My review is not about the product because I never received the correct shoe, but instead about the cusotmer service. Everyone I spoke with (and there were several) was more than helpful and kind and apologetic for the inability to complete the order. Even tho I never saw the shoes I ordered three times, I would still do business with Zappos!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

I found them to be very hospitable while I was on the phone with an agent, her name was Jacqualine. She was very helpful and very knowledgeable on all the procedures necessary to complete my order.

Kathleen S. │ 01/27/2014

I ordered this item for a trip and based on all of the information about shipping I was quite sure I'd get the delivery Saturday, 2 days after I ordered, in time for my trip. But I can't say what I think about the item because it hasn't shipped yet and will not arrive in time for my trip. Usually I have such a good experience but this time it was really not good.

Holly │ 01/27/2014

Let me start out by saying that I've always been very pleased with Zappos but this low review is totally about Zappos and not about Ray Ban. When I received the order and opened the box I was shocked. The sunglasses looked as though I had found them in a trash dumpster. They were obvious;y used. They were scratched and stretched. They appeared to have been worn by someone for a substantial period of time. And someone with an abnormally large head at that. They did not come with any warranty information or normal paperwork that new glasses come with. Zappos has sent me replacements but come on Zappos. What were you thinking sending these worn out glasses as new?

Robert │ 01/27/2014

Today I became a first-time Zappos customer, and I want to say thank you for generously upgrading my shipping to Next Day. Also, the customer service rep I spoke with today was friendly and professional and made it very easy to place my order. So far I'm very happy with my experience shopping at Zappos!

Deborah V. │ 01/25/2014

My zappos experience was great. The lady I spoke with was so friendly and personable. She was helpful and explained how easy it was to return a package. My experience could not have been better.

Lynda E. │ 01/25/2014

I have been a customer for a couple of years now and wanted to take the time to give you feedback on your service. I have been absolutely delighted with your products, the ease of navigating your site, and most importantly the ease of both receiving and returning items. I use your company specifically for the products that you carry because I can return what I do not wish very easily. The speed in which your products arrive is also another reason that I shop frequently. Even your positive messages on a return or status of an order are nice to see and portray your company as being both positive and customer centered. Many of the women in my office value your company for the reasons I have stated. Word of mouth is how I learned of your site. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

Rhonda H. │ 01/25/2014

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve called you quite a few times over the past few months, and you have the best freaking customer service out there. Your employees are always the most polite, friendly, and nice people I’ve ever spoken to. They never rush you and always try to fix your problem if you have one, and they do it without any attitude whatsoever. I honestly would recommend this site to anyone.

Brandi W. │ 01/25/2014

I just wanted to thank you for returning my husband’s wedding band that had slip off when he was packing up our return to you! We looked for hours when he discovered it was lost! Our wedding was nothing short of a miracle as we are both over 60 and have lost loved ones. To have his ring back is so special as it is engraved with our initials and was very special to us! You must have very honest employees working for you. And it's amazing they even saw it! Thank you so much. I'm not sure if this appreciation will ever get back to the person responsible for the kindness and the honesty of the return, but I certainly hope so. We love Zappos, even more so now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Verna B. │ 01/25/2014

Just wanted to let you know that I love Zappos! My shoes arrived SO FAST and are so adorable. Your site is easy to use and the one time when I had to return something it was no problem; I got my refund fast (unlike other sites). Great job, and I will definitely be returning and recommending my friends to shop your site.

Heather N. │ 01/21/2014

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Zappos for being so diligent in the safety of your customer's information and so caring when you suspected that my credit card had been fraudulently used. Thank you for calling me and double checking to see if I had placed orders in large amounts on two consecutive days, which I had not done. Because of Zappos’ fabulous security, I avoided any more charges to my credit card by whoever had stolen my information. I am so thoroughly impressed with your professionalism. Thank you again so much! Another really great reason to do business with Zappos!!!

Nancy G. │ 01/21/2014

I do not know just how to write a review ... but I want to thank the staff for always being kind and helpful. ... Every time I have an order or ask a question I have been answered with kindness and respect. ... That is greatly appreciated. ... Keep up the good work.

Charmaine L. │ 01/21/2014

I want to thank the Zappos team for expediting my return. I will forever be a loyal customer. I love everything that I order from you. I do a little dance every time the UPS driver delivers my orders (you should see me dance; it's funny because I have both knees, both hips, and one shoulder replacement, hence my e-mail address: Bionic Dionne) so dancing is a riot! So I want to thank you guys at Zappos for everything, and I will be ordering a bunch of things soon. I'm moving to a new apartment so tell the warehouse crew to eat their Wheaties!

Dionne Lee F. │ 01/21/2014

I want to let all know that I LOVE ZAPPOS! You say what you mean, and you mean what you say. You have the BEST customer service policy and personnel of any company that I have ever dealt with (being a septuagenarian, who has had a bazillion purchase interchanges over the years as a career woman, a mother, and a retiree). You are, by far, the best! Congratulations to a you for the quality of your products, and an intelligent, informed, considerate, and always helpful staff.

Rosemary G. │ 01/21/2014

Just a note of thanks for your timely and professional communication process regarding my recent transaction. As a long-time multi-transaction customer you continue to demonstrate why your company is so successful. You've delighted me time and again, and I continue to promote your company to my friends and business associates. I enjoy the relationship.

John C. │ 01/21/2014

These young women are fantastic. I love their enthusiasm. Please tell them they are doing a superb job. The videos along with customer reviews are extremely helpful.

Susan M. │ 01/21/2014
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