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Thank you so much! Zappos is always so good about returns.

Loretta │ 06/23/2016

First time customer, I am really impressed with the service and of course with the NYDJ jeans that I ordered. Thank you so much, as far as I am concerned customer service is first and foremost the most important thing.

Laura │ 06/23/2016

Zappos, thank you, your service is top notch, I've purchased 2 sets of sneakers from you all and have received the best service a customer could ask for. I'm sure you get complaints and not enough compliments...Thank you!

John │ 06/23/2016

I have enjoyed doing business with your awesome company for many years, but have never taken the time to properly thank you. From the time I pick up the phone, to the day I open my package, Zappos puts a smile on my face. Your team members are effervescent and 100% customer-oriented. I almost feel like a spoiled little child when I call, because no one has ever told me, "No!" ???? I know you'll always try your best to help me, steer me in the right direction, help me to get things returned if I am anything less than thrilled, stay with me till I'm satisfied with my purchase, and that I'll love my new shoes in the end. This may sound like I am overstating, but the positivity and joy that you bring to your work, and to your costumers, ripples out in such a beautiful way. I wish every business could employ the Zappos model; what a wonderful world that would be. So thank you for all you do and rock on, Zappos! PS: I spoke with Steve this morning, who was so kind and helpful. He does a great job for your company and represents everything that Zappos stands for. His happy attitude made my day.

Connie │ 06/23/2016

I love Zappos. Seems like a cool place to work. If they ever open in New Orleans I'd love to apply!!!

Carol │ 06/23/2016

I love my new "Bogs" shoes, now that I've got them in right size. But the reason I am writing you is to tell you just how much I love shopping with you and how your service and support are really amazing. When we shop online, there is always the wondering if "it”. That thing we are purchasing, will be the right thing. You know, is it going to be the right fit, right size, right color, and all that. There is the other worry about the exchange process and what will happen if things don't work out-oh and the cost of being wrong. It can be expensive to make mistakes when you order something online. But you, Zappos, take all the worry and concern out of the process of shopping online, and this is why I will continue to make you my first choice when I go online. Thanks again for the positively perfecto exchange on these two pair of shoes. I am now, once again, a happy farmer with my fresh new bogs shoes.

Susan │ 06/23/2016

I cannot say enough to tell everyone at Zappos how helpful you have been. You are always cheerful, helpful and so courteous. In addition, you are fun to talk to! Recently my husband and I placed several orders and had occasion to return some pairs of shoes that weren't a good fit. We received the most pleasant and efficient return process in each case. The most amazing thing about dealing with Zappos is the personal touch your representatives give to us as customers. Recently I was helped by a wonderful young woman named Charlotte. I must have been in the mood to share about my life and told her my granddaugter was being married soon. Today a box arrived from Zappos with a lovely gift inside for my granddaugter and her fiance. I was overwhelmed by this thoughtfulness. Thank you, Zappos for choosing such caring, special people to be your representatives. I will always shop at Zappos for my needs.

Joan F. │ 04/15/2016

I am not sure where to start, so I guess that the beginning would be best. My name is Chernok and I represent Chef David's Kidz. My job (we are ALL unpaid volunteers) is to help secure goods and services to help make our children's (members) wishes/dreams come true. One of our members, 12yr.old E., really wanted/needed a new pair of sneakers. This would allow her to play on her schools volleyball team. Her mom cannot afford to purchase them for her. So earlier this evening (around 7 pm EST.) I called Zappos in hopes of securing a donation for this little girl. I spoke to one of your fabulous representatives (Mr. David H.) and told him our story. Within minutes, he told me that a brand new pair of Converse, Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top (sku#107999), athletic shoes, classic black, size 7m women's, were on their way to Illinois. Wow, I have heard of good customer service, but this was absolutely way above and beyond anything that I could have expected. On behalf of Chef David, little miss E., and myself, please accept our heartfelt thank you. These words are not nearly sufficient, but it's all that I have. It's nice to know that when Zappos says that they want their customers to be happy, they surely do mean it. So again, on behalf of all of us, we are sending all of you, a huge thank you.

Sharon │ 02/23/2016

Folks, I’ll just say this… the Holidays are coming and I urge you to consider purchasing all of your holiday needs and wants at #zappos… all of the items in this picture came in a box with a “surprise” sticker on the outside. These items were sent to me as a gift (for being a loyal customer)… Some in my house may say too loyal. Anyway, I was returning an item using the 24/7 customer chat service and was connected with a rep… Not only was the return process #world class… the customer service is #secondtonone… I’m writing this because #zappos earned this shout out a million times over. Thanks #zappos for everything. #zapposlovesme

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Just to let you know. I ordered with Zappos, rather than Van's, due to your great holiday shipping feature of 2-business days at N/C. This was a huge seller for me. Otherwise Van's would have taken 6-9 business days. That's a big thumb down at this time of year. Thank you very much for this offer!

Donna │ 02/23/2016

Just spoke with a Jasmine and some other zappos crew throughout the last week and I must say you guy are a pleasure to deal with always happy and helpful ... You guys rock!!! Thanks for everything and I'll be back for sure

Amanda │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to say thank you for supporting Best Friends Animal Society and funding all those adoptions for Black Friday weekend!! Fabulous!

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

Just wanted to make sure that all who were involved in the free adoption event coordinated with Best Friends Sanctuary are commended for their generosity. Yes, it is good business to partner with groups that concern themselves with the welfare of animals or other people for that matter, but it is not necessary or is it always done.

Anonymous │ 02/23/2016

You have no idea how great you are....... I ordered my on Thursday evening and they arrived on Friday. At no charge as usual. Just to tell you about the nightmare I had with Bloomingdales (because you do not sell Alexander Wang) with two orders I placed on Sunday December 6 both orders were to be overnight which I was charged for..... Finally, Friday December 11! Both orders arrived! We love you over there. Thanks for all the great service.

Christine │ 02/23/2016

I am completely gobsmacked by the generosity exhibited by "Genie Chris"! The package arrived last night and I opened it this morning--You People are too, too generous! I wish I knew some other way to show my appreciation for this wonderful gift, but the best I can do is continue being a customer and not letting anyone badmouth Zappos ever! (Not that I've heard that, come to think of it.) I hope you all enjoy the holidays, however you celebrate them!

Sharon │ 02/23/2016

Thank you, Zappos, for supporting Best Friends Animal Society to Save Them All. I will be buying all my shoes from Zappos in the future because of your company's commitment to saving our animals. Thank you!!

Lorie │ 02/23/2016

You guys are the best!! Superb service all around. Thanks !

Deanna │ 02/23/2016

Your company is so unique. I love talking with your customer service staff. I have since told other people about you and my husband just ordered tennis shoes from you. And the blanket was such a generous gesture. My pups won't share it! I will never buy shoes from anyone else!

Sarah │ 02/23/2016

I would like to thank Zappos for their continuous ability to deliver my needs in a positive way. I have never been disappointed with the ease in which I can find the product I want. Being updated when an item becomes available has helped me ensure that I receive the product I want. Thank you for you quick delivery and free returns. These features allow me as a consumer to be able to shop online and know that if the size is wrong and I need to reorder an item I can in a timely manner. Thank you for being a reliable company that I will continue to purchase from in the future.

Jenna │ 02/23/2016

Thank you! It is always a pleasure to deal with you. Your customer service is extraordinary; why I am a repeat customer!

Wendy │ 02/23/2016

I would like to thank all those coffee crazed Zapponians and Zapponian Mermaids and whatever other awesome catch phrases you all wanted to use. I was frustrated very much with the lack of response from Frye to address the manufacturing defects in the particular pair of boots I ordered. Although my warranty had past expired, the shoes had only been worn several times outdoors due to a rough break in period. Zappos is amazingly awesome!!!! I do the majority of my shopping online and will now make Zappos my primary online shopping company. I have primarily used Zappos for shoes but will expand my shopping. Zappos customer support = amazing!!! Kudos to all those who provided assistance on this issue. Happy New Year! : ?

David │ 02/23/2016

Way to go Zappos! Even though I had no "unwanted" gifts to return to you to donate to charity, I just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks, for proving, yet again, why Zappos is my favorite place to shop!" Thank you for helping out those in need! Happy New Year!

Sonja │ 02/23/2016

I called Zappos to do the "gift exchange for Zappos coupon" that I heard about on the local news. Even though I placed my call at 8:01 and left my number for the promised "call back in 10 minutes", I was told (at 8:46) that I was too late. When I explained my experience to the Zappos! representative, Dominique, she was very understanding and offered to give me a $50.00 gift certificate toward a purchase...even though I told her I was not a Zappos account holder.Her kindness and personal solution reflected the Zappos philosophy I had only read about. Her niceness has motivated me to become a member and consider Zappos as one of my "go-to sites" when ordering merchandise. Thank you, Dominique...Zappos is lucky to have you as an employee and I was lucky to receive her good service.

Elizabeth │ 02/23/2016

I love you guys! Seriously! What you've done for me, especially my last order (which was nothing short of a miracle!) You all, and I mean all, do your best to make me feel as if I'm the only person in the world that needs you and your help...and you succeed...every single time! So a huge thank you. If you can, please forward this to Managers, or Supervisors...I would love to talk to someone and tell them what you've done for me and how I truly...truly feel that you are the best in the business.

Janice │ 02/23/2016

Your service is exceptional in every way.

Elaine │ 02/23/2016
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