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I ordered this item for a trip and based on all of the information about shipping I was quite sure I'd get the delivery Saturday, 2 days after I ordered, in time for my trip. But I can't say what I think about the item because it hasn't shipped yet and will not arrive in time for my trip. Usually I have such a good experience but this time it was really not good.

Holly │ 01/27/2014

Let me start out by saying that I've always been very pleased with Zappos but this low review is totally about Zappos and not about Ray Ban. When I received the order and opened the box I was shocked. The sunglasses looked as though I had found them in a trash dumpster. They were obvious;y used. They were scratched and stretched. They appeared to have been worn by someone for a substantial period of time. And someone with an abnormally large head at that. They did not come with any warranty information or normal paperwork that new glasses come with. Zappos has sent me replacements but come on Zappos. What were you thinking sending these worn out glasses as new?

Robert │ 01/27/2014

Today I became a first-time Zappos customer, and I want to say thank you for generously upgrading my shipping to Next Day. Also, the customer service rep I spoke with today was friendly and professional and made it very easy to place my order. So far I'm very happy with my experience shopping at Zappos!

Deborah V. │ 01/25/2014

My zappos experience was great. The lady I spoke with was so friendly and personable. She was helpful and explained how easy it was to return a package. My experience could not have been better.

Lynda E. │ 01/25/2014

I have been a customer for a couple of years now and wanted to take the time to give you feedback on your service. I have been absolutely delighted with your products, the ease of navigating your site, and most importantly the ease of both receiving and returning items. I use your company specifically for the products that you carry because I can return what I do not wish very easily. The speed in which your products arrive is also another reason that I shop frequently. Even your positive messages on a return or status of an order are nice to see and portray your company as being both positive and customer centered. Many of the women in my office value your company for the reasons I have stated. Word of mouth is how I learned of your site. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.

Rhonda H. │ 01/25/2014

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve called you quite a few times over the past few months, and you have the best freaking customer service out there. Your employees are always the most polite, friendly, and nice people I’ve ever spoken to. They never rush you and always try to fix your problem if you have one, and they do it without any attitude whatsoever. I honestly would recommend this site to anyone.

Brandi W. │ 01/25/2014

I just wanted to thank you for returning my husband’s wedding band that had slip off when he was packing up our return to you! We looked for hours when he discovered it was lost! Our wedding was nothing short of a miracle as we are both over 60 and have lost loved ones. To have his ring back is so special as it is engraved with our initials and was very special to us! You must have very honest employees working for you. And it's amazing they even saw it! Thank you so much. I'm not sure if this appreciation will ever get back to the person responsible for the kindness and the honesty of the return, but I certainly hope so. We love Zappos, even more so now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Verna B. │ 01/25/2014

Just wanted to let you know that I love Zappos! My shoes arrived SO FAST and are so adorable. Your site is easy to use and the one time when I had to return something it was no problem; I got my refund fast (unlike other sites). Great job, and I will definitely be returning and recommending my friends to shop your site.

Heather N. │ 01/21/2014

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Zappos for being so diligent in the safety of your customer's information and so caring when you suspected that my credit card had been fraudulently used. Thank you for calling me and double checking to see if I had placed orders in large amounts on two consecutive days, which I had not done. Because of Zappos’ fabulous security, I avoided any more charges to my credit card by whoever had stolen my information. I am so thoroughly impressed with your professionalism. Thank you again so much! Another really great reason to do business with Zappos!!!

Nancy G. │ 01/21/2014

I do not know just how to write a review ... but I want to thank the staff for always being kind and helpful. ... Every time I have an order or ask a question I have been answered with kindness and respect. ... That is greatly appreciated. ... Keep up the good work.

Charmaine L. │ 01/21/2014

I want to thank the Zappos team for expediting my return. I will forever be a loyal customer. I love everything that I order from you. I do a little dance every time the UPS driver delivers my orders (you should see me dance; it's funny because I have both knees, both hips, and one shoulder replacement, hence my e-mail address: Bionic Dionne) so dancing is a riot! So I want to thank you guys at Zappos for everything, and I will be ordering a bunch of things soon. I'm moving to a new apartment so tell the warehouse crew to eat their Wheaties!

Dionne Lee F. │ 01/21/2014

I want to let all know that I LOVE ZAPPOS! You say what you mean, and you mean what you say. You have the BEST customer service policy and personnel of any company that I have ever dealt with (being a septuagenarian, who has had a bazillion purchase interchanges over the years as a career woman, a mother, and a retiree). You are, by far, the best! Congratulations to a you for the quality of your products, and an intelligent, informed, considerate, and always helpful staff.

Rosemary G. │ 01/21/2014

Just a note of thanks for your timely and professional communication process regarding my recent transaction. As a long-time multi-transaction customer you continue to demonstrate why your company is so successful. You've delighted me time and again, and I continue to promote your company to my friends and business associates. I enjoy the relationship.

John C. │ 01/21/2014

These young women are fantastic. I love their enthusiasm. Please tell them they are doing a superb job. The videos along with customer reviews are extremely helpful.

Susan M. │ 01/21/2014

I took a tour of Zappos in Las Vegas, NV, yesterday. It was great. We were from Cora Coleman Senior Center and I was very impressed with all of the staff. Great place, and I just wanted to say thanks to Tony for the tour and Zappos in Vegas. Thank you.

Jo Ann B. │ 01/21/2014

I wanted to send a note complimenting your efficient and fast shipping. I am beyond impressed and my expectations were completed exceeded. I placed an order for shoes mid-morning on 1/9/14 and they arrived to my home on 1/10/14 by 11:30 am. I used the free shipping method so I expected them to arrive the following week. Wow, this was truly a pleasant surprise! Thank you and I will definitely be ordering again.

Chioma E. │ 01/13/2014

I look forward to buying your product for myself and my friends in the coming years. Please note that everyone I've come in contact with at your company gave excellent service, was courteous, and human. I give your company an A+ and or a 5-star rating. And I am pretty picky! Again, thank you for being truly customer service oriented. I appreciate it like you don't know! It is rare these days to find a company such as yours. Best of luck and don't change a thing (well, maybe make it easier to write a review), because if it ain't broken, don't fix it!

John B. │ 01/13/2014

I have never written a testimonial, but I will make an exception for Zappos. My order was easy to place and delivered quickly and accurately. When I realized that the shoes that I'd ordered weren't the right size, I panicked at the prospect of exchanging them. Thanks to Zappos, though, my panic was unfounded. I have NEVER exchanged an item SO EASILY. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Francesca R. │ 01/13/2014

With people always complaining, I give everyone at Zappos an "atta boy! I'm happy to take the time to say thank you, because you made the holidays over here for us. I ordered my wife a stand mixer on Saturday and got it on Monday and was able to have it wrapped in time, and she loved it! Thank you guys! You all deserve a pat on the back!

Mark │ 01/04/2014

NEVER have I seen such service!! Like I said earlier: I will do all of my next Christmas shopping with Zappos! Other companies that I attempted to shop with have let me down ... But Zappos has been awesome!! I am sold on y’all and will spread the word!!

Mindy C. │ 01/04/2014

Just want to take a minute to say Thank You to everyone at Zappos for your CONSISTENTLY awesome service! My orders are always correct, your site is easy to navigate, your return policy is simple and most importantly . . . everything is delivered like lightening! So impressed every time with the quality of the merchandise and packaging, it is as it appears! FYI . . . still waiting for stuff from other websites that was ordered 2 weeks ago but you guys are like 2-3 days max! Very reliable . . . wish I could order everything right down to dinner from you. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays! Fondly, Eileen

Eileen C. from North Caldwell, NJ │ 12/23/2013

Dear Everyone at, I'd just like to thank you for your fur-free practices. I noticed on the Humane Society's web page that this company is listed as a fur-fee retailer/designer. I want to congratulate you for your greed-less nature and to let you know that because of this I will be making many purchases from you in the times to come and I will tell all of my friends to consider you as well. I have heard really great things about this company! Your merchandise is just beautiful, and I look forward to breaking the bank by buying your lovely things in the future! You kindness will not go unnoticed. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous │ 12/23/2013

I want to take a moment and thank you for the great job Zappos did delivering my Christmas orders. I did about 95% of my shopping online, and Zappos is only one of a few companies that got my order to me correctly, on time and without damage. I know it seems like that should always happen when a customer places an order, but it rarely does these days. So, great job! I am one happy, happy customer.

Kathy B. from Oak Ridge, NJ │ 12/23/2013

I literally want to shout it from the roof tops!!!!!!!!! I love, worship, and can't get enough of Zappos and their customer service! They are truly second to none! I have always had the most pleasant experience with the customer service representatives at Zappos. In fact, each time I communicate with a Zappos customer service representative, I feel like I am talking with my best friend! I have to remind myself each time that I am only talking with a customer service representative! I always want to ask the customer service representative at Zappos to meet me for coffee; they are truly THAT PLEASANT! The customer service at Zappos is incredible. Whatever you are doing there, you should truly get into every business, school, department, etc. and train the world! It is unreal! You have far exceeded my expectations, and every time I brag to someone how much I love Zappos, they always say, "That's just the reputation they have! They are awesome!" I am happy to know that not only do I know how awesome Zappos is, but others know too! Additionally, when I was talking to your representative, Rose, today, she told me she loved it at Zappos, and that the company loves to make their employees happy as well. She told me that today at Zappos, there was snow being made outside her window . . . just to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Thank you for being amazing to your customers and employees! I will certainly pay it forward! Thank you, Zappos and God Bless. Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours!

Kerry B. R. │ 12/23/2013

I don't know if this is the contact for compliments, but I want to say hats off to you, Zappos! I am amazed and delighted with the service I received from your staff during your busiest and most hectic time of the year. I ordered a pair of Keen winter slip-ons to wear to WA state where I will be flying to tomorrow from MA (to see son and wife--just returned from Afghanistan). When I received them on Tuesday they were too small. I chatted with a representative who said that they would get the right size out to me before the weekend for no extra charge! They were on my back porch by Thursday afternoon, and I am so grateful. The person I chatted with through live-chat was friendly, courteous, enthusiastic and so helpful! Many thanks and peace to all of you at this blessed Christmas season.

Patricia B. │ 12/23/2013
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