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This is more a review about purchasing this bag from Zappos rather than the bag itself - in short, do not buy this bag from Zappos. I rush-ordered this bag last year for a trip to Africa b/c it looked ideal for securing my camera in my room while I was away. The item arrived in time (the day before my flight), but when I opened up the package, I was sadly discovered the one I was shipped had an appearance of having been previously used or opened. There was some kind of left-over debris inside the bag, and a part of the cable-locking mechanism was missing where I couldn't even lock it, so it turned out to be completely useless. Of course I returned it, but because it was a rush order for my trip, I didn't get refunded the expedited $16 shipping charge. Shameful considering it was all because I was shipped a used/defective bag. From what I could tell (considering I couldn't actually lock the bag), it seemed like a great bag, idea for securing a large DSLR or mirrorless camera and maybe a not-too-small lens. If you want this bag, I suggest trying a different vendor.

Tommy N. │ 03/23/2014

The customer service at Zappos is 1st class!!! I run a group dedicated to outreach for the State of Ohio. I am starting to practice with my people many of the principles this company uses. AND we're now looking at offering the LIVE online chat.

Chris L. from Reynoldsburg, OH │ 03/21/2014

My order arrived ahead of the scheduled date. And the shoes were exactly those ordered. Yes this is the truth. Thank you very much. I will be placing additional orders in the near future.

Priscilla S. │ 03/18/2014

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who helped me with my shipping address issue. I got my shoes today and am excited to wear them. I will tell all of my friends about your outstanding service.?I am currently under consideration for the Zappos internship and it just confirmed to me that your company truly believes in its values—something that's unique and very important to me!

Catie P. │ 03/18/2014

I just want to commend Zappos on your return/re-order system. Never have I seen any company so fast and so efficient as far as making returns or re-orders as painless and fast as possible. Great Job! I look forward to many future orders with Zappos. Great company, great service. Many thanks.

Julia E. │ 03/18/2014

I can't thank you enough. You folks never cease to amaze when it comes to customer service. I guess that's why they've literally written books about it. Please let me know if there is a place where I can share my positive feedback so that others may have the opportunity to bask in the rays of your awesomeness. Thanks again for all you do; it is people like you living and breathing the culture Zappos has created that keeps people like me hooked on Zappos. I'll almost literally never buy shoes anywhere else. Talk about amazing service going above and beyond!!!?

Cody M. │ 03/18/2014

Thanks -- you guys win the prize for best all-around company online to deal with!

Linda P. from Potomac, MD │ 03/03/2014

Whoever is in charge knows what they are doing! I have returned items to other retailers in the past … to experience a wait of 15-45 days to see my refund hit my account, typically with the return shipping cost deducted. Most return policies are within 30 days from "order" … not receipt. Zappos is 365 days from receipt. And … the final touch of class, a timely, common sense e-mail notification that my refund is in process including helpful information that may affect the process. I am also a fan of the online video excerpts of "all" products. VERY SMART for any online retailer … but very few provide … and I think Zappos was the first. And, I love Option #5 on your Customer Service Phone Line. You are not intrusive like most online retailers … bombarding me with a constant barrage of e-mails. Delete, delete, delete. And now … Brand X = Annoying. When I see an e-mail from Zappos … I know it is worth my time to read. I have not had that much direct contact with your employees...because your online system is so user friendly. But, it feels like I have with every transaction I have had with you. When I think of Zappos.....I see smiling, helpful faces. How did you do that? Zappos sets the standard to which all retailers should aspire. And here is why … I am now, and will continue to be, a LOYAL ZAPPOS CUSTOMER. I will tell all my friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, associates, hair stylist, the girl at the coffee shop, the guy next to me on the plane, etc. about my Zappos experiences. And … I will understand and forgive a mistake Zappos "might" happen to make in the future … because we are human. My work is very busy at this time (when isn't it), but my enthusiasm for and admiration of Zappos seemed important enough to stop what I was doing and respond to my Refund Notification e-mail to tell the Zappos leadership this. I have been a customer for a while, but you have put the final nail in the coffin for all other online retailers, and most of my local retailers. I won't even price shop anymore. And yes … your prices are always competitive. It is Zappos for me because I know what I am going to get … CONSISTANT QUALITY SERVICE! Keep leading the way. And thank you for making our lives a little easier, a little happier.

Jill K. from Stuart, FL │ 03/03/2014

These boots are perfect. However, my poor rating is about Zappos. First, I ordered a size 8 and received 7 1/2. The customer service rep was great and sent the correct size. Here's where Zappos rating goes downhill. When I opened the shipping box, it contained a generic brown box, not the pink Bandolino box. The foam inserts that keep the shape of the shaft were missing. ONE boot had two pieces of tissue paper, the other had nothing. And, there was no protective tissue covering the the decorative buckles. Even the tag on the zipper pull was missing. Thank goodness these were not meant to be a gift. The presentation would have been embarrassing! When I order new boots, I expect them to arrive in the original packing, not looking as if someone had removed all the tags, tried them on and then returned the boots. Shame on Zappos for thinking that this was acceptable!

Kathleen B. │ 02/28/2014

I placed my order on Saturday, and by Wednesday I was wearing my new awesome cowboy boots! Thank your for your easy and fast service. Keep up the great work! :)

Alma G. │ 02/25/2014

Zappos—I received my shoes yesterday, and I'm so happy with them! They are not the Danskos I so wanted, but at your suggestion I gave them a try and you guys were "spot on" with the Sanita shoes. They are awesome! Comfortable right out of the box and my beautiful red patent leather (I have become known at my workplace as "The lady in red shoes.") Thank you so much. I look forward to many more purchases in the future.

Linda W. │ 02/25/2014

Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible support this past weekend for Roos-N-More. We couldn't have done it without you! Zappos is an amazing organization, and will forever have the loyalty of animal lovers all over Southern Nevada, for stepping up to save our zoo. Roos-N-More is a magical place, and thanks to all your hard work, it will remain so ... I can't thank you enough! See you at the zoo!

Gay P. │ 02/25/2014

I had to return a pair of shoes and found the online process to be simple and easy. I also had a question and spoke with a customer rep who was very kind and helpful. I will definitely shop here in the future.

Michele H. │ 02/19/2014

Zappos is AMAZING! I received these Uggs and they had clearly been worn- the footbed was not cushioned and there was a slight tear near the toes of the boots. To exchange, all I had to do was click a few buttons and print a new shipping label. I am so impressed with Zappos customer service and how easy they make it to get the product you want. Thank you ZAPPOS!!!

anonymous │ 02/18/2014

I just wanted to say how AWESOME I think you all are! I got a letter concerning a gift card I had gotten for my niece in 2011. I assumed she had used it, but after the letter from Zappos, I questioned her about it discovered she'd lost it! I contacted Zappos and it was reissued to her, but the email it was reissued to, she no longer had ( an email she used in college ). Zappos issued AGAIN to her current email and presto ... She had gift card and ordered exactly what she wanted :)??Thanks Zappos and ALLLLLLL of your wonderful staff for making this so easy and for not forgetting about $50 that was just 'laying around' wanting to be spent!!! You guys ROCK, and I'm so happy that I'm one of your VIPs :D. A blessed day to you all and thanks for always being my go to!!!!

Muffyn H. │ 02/18/2014

First of all, I would like to thank Jason and the Zappos team for their extraordinary effort to help me in this order. If I have to have to rate my experience with this order, I would rate it as 10 out of 10 in comparison to any of my online and in-store shopping experiences with other companies. It was a true learning experience, even for me as a customer on how your team provides great customer service with professionalism, humbleness, and especially open and honest communication with customers. This positive relationship and engagement between Team Zappos and customers provides a competitive advantage as well as higher customer satisfaction.?I would also like to mention that I am a great fan of Tony Hsieh, the great leader who has the passion and has established the framework of a unique corporate culture, one that nurtures its followers and drives the motivation of best customer service. Tony's great leadership helped Zappos build and promote the great values and infuses into all areas of the organization, and undoubtedly established the Zappos brand with a reputation for superior customer experience.?Thanks a lot, Team Zappos.

Rajib D. │ 02/18/2014

I just want to thank you for your customer service!! I wrote inquiring of what to do about my damaged boots, but I never expected such exceptional service, and so quickly!! I was so disappointed about the boots and I appreciate your help in this matter!! I will definitely make sure that whenever I shop online ... your website will be my first choice!!

Shannon H. │ 02/18/2014

Thank you very much for refunding my money. You're the best online company out there, hands down. I will continue to tell friends and family members about Zappos and your awesome customer service.

Shannon A. │ 02/18/2014

Dear Marvelous ZappoNation!?Just a note to pass on to your leaders: you people are the greatest! I have never ever had a bad experience with Zappos, and speaking with your employees is a joy. I love the LOVE NOTES and tell everyone I know about the great service and excellent staff. Don't ever change.

Carolyn T. │ 02/03/2014

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Usually I fear buying clothing online, as I'm pretty picky with my clothes. The models, descriptions, sizing is helpful, but the greatest feeling in the world is that I am not going to pay for fast shipping in either direction. Free returns are what brought me to your site. Although the product might be cheaper somewhere else, I know the peace of mind I'm getting here is more than worth the extra few dollars. Thank you for allowing me to shop for swimwear from the comfort of my computer with confidence!

Elisabeth W. │ 02/03/2014

I love you Zappos; if you were a man, I'd marry you.

Cindy B. │ 02/03/2014

I have not seen anything like this in any review,nor any testimonial. I ordered a 1 1/2 wide and when I opened the box they had sent a 4 1/2 xtra wide. The warehouse person made a mistake, but now I have a problem, and I am not too happy. I am very worried and nervous about this. I am going to try and return them. This is my 17th pair of shoes I have gotten my grandchildren in not even a year's time. I have been very happy always before. When this is corrected, I will send another happy review.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

Well, this review isn't for the pants, as I received a completely different pair in the mail. I wish I had received these lucy leggings instead of the NEW BALANCE wide leg crops I received instead. First, they were supposed to arrive last Friday (overnight shipping).. yet, my zappos package didn't arrive until today (Tuesday).. and to top it all off, I open the box and see completely different pants! Unbelievable! Not to mention, the last time I ordered the Lucy convertible yoga pants from Zappos, they came with a huge hole in them. Zappos service has gone completely downhill and I will likely never shop from them ever again. Huge disappointment, as Zappos used to have great service, but no longer.

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

My review is not about the product because I never received the correct shoe, but instead about the cusotmer service. Everyone I spoke with (and there were several) was more than helpful and kind and apologetic for the inability to complete the order. Even tho I never saw the shoes I ordered three times, I would still do business with Zappos!

Anonymous │ 01/29/2014

I found them to be very hospitable while I was on the phone with an agent, her name was Jacqualine. She was very helpful and very knowledgeable on all the procedures necessary to complete my order.

Kathleen S. │ 01/27/2014
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