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We are frequent and satisfied Zappos customers so much so that we really think Zappos went "over the top" today by offering to send out a replacement piece of luggage. The Zappos organization consistently tries to solve the problems customers may encounter with efficiency and support. Zappos is a "model" for other businesses to emulate. That makes it so enjoyable to do business with them. Real people who know the details and where to find them so reliably. Thanks, Betsy, and all the Zappos staff.

Virginia H. │ 11/03/2014

My daughter turned me on to Zappos. You really DO have great service. Consider me a loyal customer from here on out.

M Grayson Van Camp │ 11/03/2014

I'm writing to thank Zappos for the consistent excellent customer service you provide. I have always been helped by amazingly friendly people who skillfully walk the line between being silly and upbeat and corny and annoying. Zappos' reps go to the ninth degree to make customers feel as if we're part of the Zappos family. I have always had good experiences with Zappos. Even when things have "gone wrong," everything is handled right. Your customer service reps always reflect the high values that Zappos, as a company, has. I have gotten sincere apologies, not only with words, but once with a hand-written thank you note and also with a surprise delivery of a nifty Zappos blanket. While it's sometimes "hit or miss" with ordering the correct size, returns and exchanges are handled cheerfully. I am not one of those people who love shoes, but I do love dealing with Zappos. I, therefore, do all my footwear shopping with you, and I have just begun to discover your other departments. I ordered makeup this month, something I would never have guessed you carried! Thank you all for everything you do!

Susan A. │ 11/03/2014

What a pleasure to deal with Zappos!! Thanks.

Philip B. │ 10/27/2014

I recently ordered a pair of boots for my husband as a surprise. The order was filled with exactly what I ordered and was shipped and received in a timely manner. However, the boots did not fit my husband well and since I had never ordered from Zappos before, I was not sure how the return process worked. I went online and followed the very easy instructions and received notice today that you had received the merchandise back and were crediting my credit card. I wanted you to know that I order online often and I have never experienced such a terrific customer service effort! I will absolutely order from your company again because of how this was handled. Thank you very much for all you do to make ordering online a very positive experience!

Kay B. │ 10/20/2014

I just wanted you to know how great your service is and how easy it is to return something. I must try everything on to get anything to fit or I would order much more from you. It is so easy and convenient, and you are so friendly and nice to deal with. You are a one in a million store, not many are as nice as you. Thank you for thinking of us, the customer.

Pat T. │ 10/06/2014

I am from India. I just happened to read the book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hseih, the CEO of Just to tell you guys that you are awesome. Keep up the great work. The moment I get to the USA, my first purchase would be from Zappos. And it would be great if you can bring the party over to India as well. Have a great time. :)

Anonymous │ 10/01/2014

Zappos, based upon my communication with Jay, the reading I did on your website, is tuned for success! I LOVE your version of the “10 Commandments!” I actually thought to myself that, should I ever own a home again, or have a wife (again), or a family (I am currently homeless in a sense—although a member of my family is providing me with shelter—that your “Zappos Family Core Values” (I just looked on your website in order that I could refer to them properly :-) ) could, in fact, be hung on the wall of my very own house—in that I LOVE the attitude, values. and the FUN which are embedded directly into them. I work to obey the 10 Commandments of God, which are pretty serious. The Zappos Family Core Values are a beautiful guide for a positive, successful culture (life), whether you are in the business world worrying about your bottom line or you are attempting to create an environment in which an individual, a couple, or a family may prosper. Having a written policy which encourages friendliness, honesty, open communication, growth, change, a positive team mentality coupled with humility (and fun!) and then actually DOING WHAT YOU SAY (putting into practice where the rubber meets the road) in that the words on your wall actually MEAN SOMETHING—WOW. ?You (Zappos) should HONESTLY sell, for like $10, copies of your Zappos Family Core Values printed up on nice paper or in poster form for a few more dollars. You'd make a sale or two starting right here. ?I already have a “core value system” in life, but the Zappos Family Core Values really hit me in a sweet spot, both mentally and where it ultimately counts the most—the heart.

Craig H. │ 10/01/2014

Just a quick note - your customer service is unparalleled. Everyone on your staff is helpful, friendly and I don't think they've ever said the word "no." I've worked with customer service both via phone and email. I've had nothing but great experiences with Zappos, I hope eventually I can job for all things here.

Laina M. from Chicago, IL │ 09/22/2014

Another wonderful thing about Zappos--when the shoes arrive, they’re all laced. Thanks for that.

Marnie G. │ 09/15/2014

You guys rock?big time. Thanks!

Anne-Lee G. │ 09/08/2014

To all of my friends at Zappos: You are the best. If there is a mister or mrs. Zappo please' convey to him or her the message. I think Zappos is owned by one gentleman; if that is the case, then please deliver this message to him: Dear sir, you have organized your company with complete fairness, honesty, and a strong sense of what is right, they are all so very well mannered, know their products, they are trusting, and are well trained. It is a true pleasure to be a customer. I value your business practices. It shows a fine upbringing and all employees seemingly are happy and satisfied in their affiliation with Zappos.

Frances K. │ 09/08/2014

There is customer service and then there is Zappos service! Thank you so much for your help. I received the wrong pair of jeans and not only are you going to send the correct ones, you let me keep the other pair (which I will donate to someone in need, as your CS rep suggested). Your CS rep was extremely helpful and nice, thank you so much, Zappos! I was a satisfied and loyal costumer, now I'm a total fan!

Paola de M. │ 09/02/2014

I truly put you up there at the top with those retailers who are super nice and accommodating! I got the new size and love the skirt.

Demar R. │ 09/02/2014

Wasn't sure where to compliment. I just wanted to say I am so happy to be a Zappos customer. You make my life so easy, even when I know I have a lot of returns. I love the core values—totally fun and original. Thanks for your great service.

Lee C. │ 09/02/2014

I just couldn't be any happier right now! I just had the best customer service experience of my entire life! Usually when I have to call a company to explain a problem it's such a hassle and inconvenience that I've gotten to the point of no longer wanting to do so and end up eating any cost just to avoid calling customer service. Not Zappos! Here's my experience: Two days ago I had to order new shoes for my son, and unbelievably I got them yesterday. He was excited to put them on and see how fast he could run! He wore them (Nikes) for less than an hour, and shockingly the soles began to separate from the uppers. When I went to Zappos online and read their return policy it said I could only return unworn shoes. But considering that he had only worn the shoes a short time, I thought it would be best to call customer service to see if they would consider an exchange anyway. Surprisingly, they did even more than that for me, and clearly with a smile on their face! I was able to exchange the shoes for a new pair, which cost $8.00 more and they waived the extra price difference! As if that weren't enough to make me extremely happy, I don't even have to go through the hassle of sending the defective pair back! She said I could throw away, donate them, or just keep as kick-around type of shoes! Seriously, the customer service at Zappos exceeded my expectation beyond my imagination! You guys rock, and I will gladly continue shopping Zappos for my lifetime! LOVE Zappos!! Thank you so much for your help this morning!

Kimberly S. │ 09/02/2014

I usually don't do this, but I have been in contact with Zappos a couple times this week and everyone was so helpful. Your service is amazing, and I can't believe everything comes the next day. I think everyone that helped me within the last three days deserves an A+. I just wanted to say thank you.

Kristal G. │ 09/02/2014

I have ordered shoes from other sources and had to pay to return them . . . what was I thinking? Never again! Zappos carries thousands of shoes and all the designer and speciality names I need. My order was completed and shipped quickly and this time... the shoes fit perfectly, so no need to return. I buy shoes for others and I will continue to shop confidently, knowing I can return anything that doesn't work out "FREE" . . . awesome advantage over other on line retailers.

Laura D. │ 08/29/2014

Shipping was super fast, and returning is FREE!!! They didn't have the item I needed in stock so they referred me to another vendor . . . that's service!!! Thanks Zappos!

Missy T │ 08/29/2014

My credit card details are constantly changing. Between me losing the physical card or hacking incidents, I constantly have to enter that info to shop online. This is hands-down my LEAST favorite part of shopping. A close second least-favorite task would be entering shipping and billing addresses. I was overcome with glee when checking out today, as when I went to enter my credit card NUMBER into the NUMERICAL field, a number pad popped up! I only need digits and that is ONLY what's offered. I had what I needed when I needed it and it made everything so simple and fast checking out from my tiny screen. I even quickly added a new shipping address. I LOVE shopping Zappos on my phone! Thanks so much.

Anonymous │ 08/25/2014

I got my shoes so fast, and they are sooo cool. I am a happy camper right about now. Thanks, Zappos!

Rocky H. │ 08/25/2014

I just want to thank you for your awesome customer service. Returning an item is painless—sooooo easy. It's wonderful. In the long run it makes me more comfortable to purchase. Zappos is outstanding!

Judith B. │ 08/25/2014

Zappos obviously has a culture that promotes customer satisfaction, and based on the perfectly executed transaction, it also promotes employee job satisfaction. I have concluded that the business model was well-planned and leadership of the company is excellent. Bottom line, I am hooked. Congratulations and thank you!!!

Eric H. from Canton, SD │ 08/11/2014

Hi, I just wanted to make a comment on how happy I am with Zappos. I hadn’t purchased anything before, but I’ve viewed the site. Well, I ordered a pair of tennis shoes that every store had sold out. I was so impressed on how fast they came in and with these prices. And I’m in love with this site. No other store would do FREE 1 DAY SHIPPING without tricking us and charging us more later. I’m a single mom and can’t afford to buy a lot for my son and me. But you guys are awesome!! From now on I will buy everything for my son and myself from Zappos. I already have aloe under my favorites so I can purchase them a few at a time due to my finances. Thank you!!!

Leyla B. │ 07/28/2014

Earlier this evening I wrote review for a pair of Skechers sneakers I purchased for my granddaughter. I have ordered for her from Zappos a few times. My reason for e-mailing is that in my review I forgot to say how much I enjoy the delightfulness of your customer service employees. I do a lot of online shopping and the people I have spoken with here are the friendliest I have ever had. I recently had to return a pair sneakers for an exchange twice; it was my mistake but those young people were so patient with me. They really made me feel that they were concerned that I got what I wanted. Actually it is after midnight here in St. Louis, and I was up watching TV and thought about the review and remembered how nice the customer service employees were but that I hadn't put it in the review so now I have. Goodnight and thank you.

Elizabeth B. │ 07/28/2014
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