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I used to shop @ Nordstrom for shoes for so many years, then a few weeks ago when I was looking for shoes on line , I found I ordered a few pairs for my sister and one pair for me.I had to send two pairs back to exchange them for smaller sizes. It came fast and I'm very happy with your company . You do have a lot of styles to choose from and you offered a view from many directions. That was a great help. But the best thing is you do not charge for the shipping fee. I think the shipping fee will keep a lot of customers from order by mail .I love Zappos , and I will tell all my friends and my daughters about your company. Please keep up your great work. Sincerely,

Christine V. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you for the great service!!!

Kris B. │ 03/18/2006

Kudos on a wonderful year! I am one of those repeat customers who has always, always had a wonderful experience with your site and your associates. I buy shoes online only from Zappos. Your shipping/return policy cannot be beat. Bar none. But, most importantly, the associates and the products are of the highest standard. I can spend my money anywhere. I choose to spend it at zappos. Wishing you a prosperous 2006! Ciao,

Lisa P. │ 03/18/2006

Oh my God. Never did I expect this! I CAN THINK OF NO OTHER RETAILER THAT I'VE EVER DEALT WITH THAT WOULD DO THIS!!! Zappos is unbelievable. Thank you again! PS. I am your best word-of-mouth advertiser and I work for the local community informational, educational, advertorial newspaper -- you know I am your missionary!!! Thanks again, M. C. WOMAN NEWSPAPER

Carole W. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you so much! I have never received anything so quickly, at a good price, and just what I wanted. I am extremely pleased, as well as pleasantly surprised, as customer service has become a bit extinct in the past few years. Again, I appreciate your work.

Josiane B. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to say that I think Zappos does an awesome job! Compared to other online shopping sites, Zappos is by far the best. I have never had any troubles with your website, shipping is free and fast, and there are always such good deals! For a girl who loves shoes, Zappos definitely has some mad steaz! Keep up the good work!

Hannah W. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to tell you guys that you have hands down the most helpful and friendly customer service people working on the 1-800 line. Everytime I call (which is a lot) they are incredibly nice and always solve whatever I need addressed. Not only are they nice, but they always sound like they are in a good mood which makes it an even more pleasant experience. This is one of the reasons I love ordering from Zappos so much. I work as a waitress, and I am allowed to wear whatever shoes I want at work. All of my shoes come from Zappos practically, and customers are always asking me about them. I probably refer between 1 to 3 people a night to your website, writing down the www address and going on and on about the free shipping, selection, etc. I just wanted to tell you how much I love Zappos. That's all. Thanks!

Adriane R. │ 03/18/2006

Way to go! You guys are the best when it comes to shoes and, of course, customer service. It proves that, in fact, it is possible to treat people right and supersede expectations. Congratulations on your success. Sincerely, (a return customer)

Agnes R. │ 03/18/2006

Every single person I know loves Zappos! Keep up the great work, it really, really makes a difference. I had a dinner party a couple months ago and basically we all sat around telling our great Zappos experiences. Good Luck,

Judy G. │ 03/18/2006

On Friday, February 24 at 3:49 Pacific time I ordered a pair of Reebok Carberry shoes from your company. I expected to recieve them sometime later this week or early next week. I was amazed when Fed-Ex knocked on my door much faster than I expected. Your service is incredible. It is nice to know that there are companies like Zappos that go that extra mile to provide such fast customer service. I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. Great job. Sincerely,

Cody C. │ 03/18/2006

I wanted to thank you for your service. This is the BEST store ever when it comes to shoes. I ordered a North Face Greenland Zip in a size too small, and you guys instantly sent out a new one on its way to me when I called at 10 pm! That is what I call service!

Jennie C. │ 03/18/2006

Hi Terri I can't believe the personalized service Zappos gives. I recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks

Jeanette │ 03/18/2006

I am one of your repeat customers. I am not sure how many shoes I have purchased from you but you are my only source for new shoes of any type. I am always surprised by how quickly you process each request, it is always correct and you graciously honor your money back guarantee. I do not know why anyone would want to buy anywhere else. You also have the hard to find items, the extra wide shoes, the variety of every shoe, boot and sandal. It is great to have a source for shopping without fear of anything. I recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks,

David S. │ 03/18/2006

Hi, First time shopper here and I just wanted to say what a Godsend you all are. You have a great selection, unbelievable actually, and I love the fact that you make it so easy for me to return your products, even amidst my disappointments. I am a male shopper who has a difficult time finding the right shoes that fit me perfectly. Most of the time I have to shop in the womens section because my size is not available in the mens section, you have no idea how much embarresement your site saves me. I am already planning on purchasing more shoes from you and have told several of my colleagues and friends about So even if my purchase isn't perfect, I will continue to shop at this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have a great day, Sincerely, Ray L. M.

Ray M. │ 03/18/2006

A friend of mine told me of your great service. I'm happy that she was right! Many thanks! Christine L. D. D. & Co. Studios

Christine D. │ 03/18/2006

I just finished reading your "Letter" to your customers, and I am grinning from ear-to-ear! You wanted to know what customers think? Well, kudos on a great year and keep up the updates!! By letting me know how well you are doing, you are also letting me know that you'll be around for a long, long time!!!! You guys ROCK!! Sincerely, Shannon R. V.

Shannon V. │ 03/18/2006

I am just writing to thank you for your excellent customer service. I ordered shoes from you a few weeks ago, and my purchase was an excellent experience. The shoes arrived early, and you kept me updated about my order and the shipment throughout every step of the process, even following up after I received my order. I ordered the same shoes from another large online shoe company, of which I will resist the temptation to name, and it was an awful experience. They did not send the shoes in the time frame promised and did not communicate with me what was happening with my order. I had to call and email them several times to find out what was happening. After 3 weeks of waiting on failed promises, I gave up and cancelled my order. At least, the store did cancel my order as I requested. I ordered the shoes because a physical therapist recommended them to me to solve my hip pain, so "time was of the essence." I have found the shoes on other websites, but I don't even want to ask Zappos for the price guarantee because I am just so grateful for your customer service. I will always check out Zappos first. Customer service and good communication are keys to success, and you understand that! Thank you!!! (Now hip-pain free)

Sena C. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you! I have been very happy with your shoes and service. My mom has even contacted you when she was trying to locate shoes for a special size and you were very helpful...Have a nice day...

Anita │ 03/18/2006

Hi! I have to say that I am completely satisfied with my first experience using your site. I found what I was looking for on the site and ordered it for free shipping late Wednesday afternoon, 03.01.06. I entered the wrong address (new house) on the order form, and was thinking that between the address error and the free shipping, it would prob'ly be weeks, or more, before I saw my order. I was shocked to receive a reply to my email within a few hours, and very happy to hear that the address on my shipment had been corrected prior to shipping. I was even more amazed when there was a knock at my door soon after, and I looked out to see the UPS guy running back to his truck. I figured, 'no way, has to be something else.' But there it was, my full order, correct styles and sizes, and handy information about returning the shoes if there were any problems. But there were no problems; only a very happy and satisfied customer. I will use Zappos again, and I will continue to relate my positive experience to the friends and family who haven't already heard about your great service. Thank you!

K.M. │ 03/18/2006

Hello, Thank you so much. I want to thank you for your quick and great response. Your store is fantastic, and the customer service is second to none (my dual question was answered and fixed in less than a half hour including a price correction). This is the second time I've used your store, and it will surely not be the last. You guys rock. Thanks again!

Cory V. │ 03/18/2006

Hello, I just wanted to say that I love the shoes! Fits well, looks good! I love them. I wear WW shoes, so it's hard finding nice shoes that fit. I am so happy that I finally found a good company that satisfies my shoe shopping!!! You've got a new customer who will definately be a long term customer! Thumbs up! ;-) Sincerely,

Carol M. │ 03/18/2006

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I've seen your shoes on "What Not To Wear", and decided to give you a try. I ordered the shoes for my husband and received them so fast...I could not believe how fast they came. Your website is also fantastic, especially the comments from other customers. I will never buy shoes(for him or me) anywhere else. Thank you very much, from an extremely satisfied customer. Sincerely,

Jessica S. │ 03/18/2006

Thank you so much for your excellent Customer Service. My husband thought that I was extremely "brave" ordering shoes on-line instead of trying them on in a store! At first, I thought they were a little "high-priced," but now I think they are worth it. I LOVE my shoes, they arrived so quickly, they are "top quality," and I was able to track their delivery time on-line. I'm very impressed with your company. These days people who use the web alot receive so many "spams," and advertisements, and FALSE advertisements -- that they become "leary," or hesitant. Your company is top rate and top notch and I commend you. Thanks again for the wonderful shoes and the wonderful customer satisfaction. I will use you again, and refer you to all of my family and friends. Sincerely,

Barbara F. │ 03/18/2006

Zappos is great! I returned my shoes on Saturday afternoon at a UPS store, and my return is already processed! Zappos is the only store I know of that processes, ships, and returns their shoes so quickly! Most online stores make you wait forever for a refund, and then you don't even get your shipping fees back. I will always order shoes from Zappos!

Anonymous │ 03/18/2006

Dear Zappos - I can't say enough good things about you and everything you do. I have never seen such stellar customer service as I have enjoyed from your company. As a self-proclaimed shoe addict, I browse your site on a daily basis. You consistently have the best selection and best prices of any other site on the internet. The quality of your shoes is unsurpassed. The level of customer service is the highest I have ever experienced, on line or in person. I will continue to shop Zappos as long as you are out there. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends, and to those who constantly admire my cutting edge footwear. I am a loyal customer,and I can't say enough good things about you! You are the best, and the people who work for you are awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love works best when it's got a BIG job to do.

Shelagh Q. │ 03/18/2006
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